The FCC’s Incredible Double Standard

Never mind the language in The Sopranos, arguably the best TV show that has ever been aired. The FCC in their infinite wisdom has demanded that 4 (not 40 or 400) naughty words be stricken from Ken Burns’ new 14 1/2 hour WWII documentary. After all, it will be shown on PBS which means that kids can see it. As if kids aren’t watching cable TV every night of the week.

Ken Burns’ documentary about World War II will come in two flavors, one with curse words and one without in the hopes that the PBS stations can avoid government fines for indecency.

There are four words in the 14-1/2-hour documentary that are causing the heartburn: two instances where the narrator says “f***ed” when explaining the military acronyms “FUBAR” and “SNAFU,” as well as when a former GIs interviewed in the film cuss as they describe combat experiences, saying “holy s***” and referring to an enemy trying to kill them as an “a**hole.”

Government fines for indecency? WTF? Is this the same government that lies, cheats, wages illegal war and tries to cover up for guys who molest underage pages and wallow around in public restrooms? Yup, that’s the one!

And is this the same country where sex, sex and more sex is used to sell everything from cars and cell phones to dolls and Wonder Bread? Yup, that’s it!

Are the kids they are protecting the same ones who hear, if not use, these same words every day at school and at home? Yup, those are them.

And can anyone imagine an army of men who, in over 14 hours, only use a total of 4 dirty words? Ha Ha Ha Ha….

Yeah, I’m gonna laugh all the way down to the corner store to get a porn video and the latest issue of Hustler.

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One Comment on “The FCC’s Incredible Double Standard”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    And don’t forget Dick “GFY” Cheney. No fines issued to C-Span there.

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