Summer of Love – 40 Years Later

untitled.jpgI must admit, after posting the videos (below) I was surfing around for all things hippieish and ran across this notice in The Economist of all places.

This weekend San Francisco will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love. Some of the original bands of that time have agreed to attend the festivities to be held in Golden Gate Park. The article compares that time to now.

…Some are quick to point to the similarities between thenhippies151.jpg and now: a Texan in the White House, an unpopular war, an actor in charge of California. But the differences are just as stark.

In 1967, segregationist governors were still in power in the South. Race riots convulsed America, killing dozens in Detroit and Newark. … America’s involvement in Iraq is more unpopular now than the Vietnam war was in 1967. In early August, 57% of Americans said that sending troops to Iraq was a mistake, compared with 41% who thought in July 1967 that it was a mistake to send troops to Vietnam.

Classic rock music, tie dyed t-shirts, granny dresses, flowers in long hair and probably a little smoke. I missed it the first time and I’m gonna miss it again. Damn.

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2 Comments on “Summer of Love – 40 Years Later”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    I didn’t go either. Seemed to me it would be more like a Summer of Squalor and Filth, and I think I was right.

    40 years is a long time. Do you think there will be a voice on the loudspeaker: “There’s some bad Viagra going around?”

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Lol! Well, I am assuming that this concert will be attended by both some of the old “alumni” and by younger people as well. As far as the squalor and filth, in a sense you are right on, especially towards the tail end of that time. But there is no doubt that, at least on the west coast, there was a strong feeling of camaraderie, tolerance and certainly a common focus on getting out of the war that was a very positive thing and it was a shame when it degraded to just a culture of drugs and poverty.

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