Is Bush a Savvy Strategist or a Pea Brain?

Neither. He’s an idiot.idiot4.jpg

Bush thinks that there will be a dramatic and positive response to him having Patraeus present the white house his report on September 11. Maybe he thinks that somehow, this will make us all believe that it was indeed Iraq who attacked us that fateful day.

Or maybe he is playing the sympathy card and hoping we will all just bundle the war effort in with our other emotions that day and give him a green light to continue his slaughter of Iraqis and American soldiers.

I don’t think the American people are that stupid, but Bush does. Fact is, it just shows what a desperate and disgusting man he is to try to further his personal, murderous agenda on a day that should be solemn and free of agendas.

Of course it won’t work. As his party continues to abandon him, as his legacy continues to deteriorate, as he becomes the lamest of lame ducks and the worst of the worst presidents, when all is said and done Bush will stand alone, no doubt bitter and hopefully forgotten.

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