Larry Craig: “I’m not gay.” Gay activists: “Yes, you are.”

craig13.jpgThe gay community is not buying Craig’s assurances that he is not gay as Republican colleagues call for him to step down. Don’t let the door smack you on the way out, Larry.

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2 Comments on “Larry Craig: “I’m not gay.” Gay activists: “Yes, you are.””

  1. Bad Says:

    There’s nothing but hypocrisy in the calls for him to step down. What he did was far far far less serious than what Republican Senator Vitter did: he actually definitely engaged in illegal conduct, committed actual adultery, and so on.

    Craig’s story is weird, and he may well be gay, but nothing actually happened, and there wasn’t any actual underlying basis for the charge he pled to (his plea was, he figured, probably better than fighting it and having the officer accuse him of cruising much more publicly).

  2. expatbrian Says:

    I appreciate your comment and agree with some of what you have to say. Yes, it was a lesser crime than the scumbag Vitters and there is no comparison to the crimes of the Decider. But the fact is, he did commit a crime and pled guilty to one. His spin of doing that just to get past it is ridiculous as is his contention that he didn’t think about getting an attorney (in a town full of attorneys) until 2 months later. Fact is he did an incredibly stupid thing. He tried to solicit sex in a public place that already had a reputation for it, thus the police sting. No sane man, especially a high profile one like Craig would plead guilty to anything that was completely and utterly baseless. Nor would the police officer, who was actually there, arrest him for just taking a crap.

    If he would have kept this very private act private, there would be no problem. People in public service, especially on that level know going in that they are going to be under a microscope. They have to be extra careful as far as protecting their private lives. To do what he did was absolutely dumb. And then to lie about it and try to make it sound like he did nothing at all just makes it worse. His own party is asking him to step down. And he should and I am sure that he will.

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