Happy Anniversary WGM !

img_0371.jpgThis month marks two years for WORLD GONE MAD. I never would have thought back then that I would still be posting two years later. Actually, I was hoping I would be busy doing something else by now but that didn’t happen!

It’s amazing how sitting down, reading and then writing a blog seems to grow on you, even with a tiny blog like WGM. It’s the first thing I do each morning and the last thing I do each night (much to the chagrin of my significant other). But in that time blogs have evolved from a leisurely pastime to an important and valid source of news and information. I am proud to call myself a member, albeit a small one, of this amazing blogging community.

Anyway, I thought I would look back to August 2005 and repost something from then. I passed on the war stuff because nothing has changed since those posts and besides, on a birthday you want something a little more fun.

Instead, I offer up this one. And I still feel the same about it, too. I give you BLOGS I DON’T LIKE.

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