The Poverty Stricken Catholic Church


A judge in San Diego has given the go ahead for 42 sex abuses trials against the local Catholic diocese despite the church’s assertion that these cases, if successful forthe plaintiffs, will leave the church penniless.

Lawyers for the diocese, which recently became the largest one in the US to file for bankruptcy protection, have offered the 150 victims a settlement of $95 sexabuse.jpgmillion. But the judge has rejected this pointing out that the amount is far below the average settlement for such a suit. The judge will decide on Sept. 6 whether or not to throw out the church’s bankruptcy case.

I for one hope the church spends every dime it has on these suits and has to close up shop. At least that would eliminate the sanctuary that these priests have used to satisfy their disgusting child lust.

I also think the 1 million members would be better off without this hypocritical institution which has protected and covered up for these criminal priests for decades. The Catholic church, with its cover ups, lies and secrecy about this issue has proven that it cares far more about its own salvation than it does about the salvation of its members.

I was going to compare these vile priests with Ted Haggard but that would be unfair to Ted. At least he had the decency to do it with adults.

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