Mitt’s Health Plan – More for the Insurers

Jesus. When are they going to stop this crap? Mitt just came out with his new “solution” to the health care crisis. Except it is not new and it is not a solution, at least not for the vast majority of the 49 million people who need it.

Mitt’s plan is to offer tax breaks for people who buy private health insurance in order to help them pay the premiums. Somehow he assures us that this would lead 2-6 million middle income Americans to purchase health insurance. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this plan?

First of all, even if he’s right we are only talking about a fraction of those who need it. Secondly, we are not talking about poor people at all because they pay very little if any taxes so tax breaks mean nothing to them. Thirdly, this is just another scheme to get people to pour more money into the already bulging pockets of the insurance carriers.

In any case, the amount required to pay the premiums are much more than any tax break you get for buying them. Is an American family going to start paying $2000 for health insurance just to get a $100 tax break? Where are they going to get that extra $2000 in the first place?

Come on Mitt. Is this the very best you can do?

What rich Mitt and the rest of these silver spooners don’t realize is that these Americans without health care are living pay check to pay check and barely make ends meet.


Rich people have no clue what pay check to pay check even means. They think if you run out of money, well, just go to an ATM. There’s always money there! Or as Bush said, health care is available to everybody in America. If you get sick, just go to the emergency room! Right, George, cause that’s free huh? Mitt is just another jerk off who is afraid to offend the insurance companies. Washington is full of them.

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