Seniors Sex Survey

seniorcitizens.jpgSenior citizens routinely engage in sexual intercourse, oral sex and masturbation. Whew, that’s good news!

A federally funded study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that sexual activity reported among the 3,005 men and women who participated in the survey did decrease with age, particularly among the oldest participants — from 73 percent among those 57 to 64 years of age to 53 percent among those 65 to 74 years of age to 26 percent among those 75 to 85 years of age.

Among the survey’s many discoveries was that about half of those 57 to 75 years of age who remained sexually active reported engaging in oral sex.
More than half of men and a quarter of women said they had masturbated during the previous year, a figure that remained constant whether they were sexually active or not.

Only eight of those interviewed said that their partner was same sex which makes some responses suspect. Also, significant numbers reported sexual problems of one kind or another.

Here’s the full CNN article.

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2 Comments on “Seniors Sex Survey”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    I don’t know what’s funnier, the youthful hubris of people who think sex is all about Paris Hiltonesque teen agers or those who think 57 is incomprehensibly ancient and that the whole thing probably just falls off when you hit 60.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    I’m sure many young people are horrified at the thought of seniors having sex, as I was as a teen. Of course, Pfizer is not getting rich selling Viagra to teens.

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