Stopping Terrorists – 10 Million at a Time

“There are no innocents.” – Osama bin Laden

wildfire.jpgThis is not a book review. I recently read Wild Fire by Nelson DeMille. In it, he proposes a possible solution to the threat of terrorists using WMD’s against and within the United States.

Wild Fire is the name given to a government program that provides for an automatic and immediate response to any act of terrorism that makes use of biological, chemical or nuclear weapons.

The program is designed to place the burden of controlling the terrorists threat with the countries that produce the terrorists. It assumes that any attack involving WMD’s either involves a countries government directly, or requires government complicity on some level, or could be prevented by governments if they made a serious and ongoing effort to do so.

In the event of an attack the US would automatically launch nuclear missiles at specific cities, religious sites and military installations throughout the Middle East and other Islamic nations. These would be in countries that had been identified as those that produce, train or harbor terrorists or in any way promote terrorism. The attacks would be automatic in that neither the president nor congress has the power to stop the response once a WMD attack is confirmed. This is so targeted countries know they cannot depend upon a friendly or weak president to protect them in the event of an attack.

Governments in the specified countries would be made aware of all targets within their borders and the details of the program. It would be made crystal clear to them that targets, be they capital cities, military installations, airports, shrines or mosques would be completely and utterly destroyed.

All targeted countries would be hit unless the terrorist’s country of origin could be clearly identified. However, there would only be 30 minutes between the time of a terrorist attack and the launch of the response.
There would be a plan A response for non-nuclear attacks and a plan B response for nuclear attacks. The difference involves the number of targets to be destroyed. In plan B there are roughly 200 targets and fewer in Plan A.

According to the book, body count would be estimated at between 60 and 100 million, mostly Muslims. It is understood that many of these cities are tourist and business centers and thus, a significant number of foreigners would also become victims.

DeMille hints that the US may have such a program in place and if not, it should. It’s an interesting plan. By placing the burden of preventing terrorist attacks squarely on the shoulders of those who produce terrorists, the US can use their resources elsewhere.

One of the results of such a program is that it would be in the best interest of all targeted countries involved to not only monitor their own terrorist activity but that of other Islamic nations as well.

It’s clear that using our less than adequate military manpower to fight worldwide terrorism is a losing battle. Even using suicide bombers they will win any battle of attrition (just like the North Vietnamese did.)

Perhaps it is time for the US to use the resources that it has that the terrorists do not – the threat of total and utter annihilation of their homelands, their families, their places of worship and their very culture.


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2 Comments on “Stopping Terrorists – 10 Million at a Time”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    Would such a plan work with people with the urge to die? What if some group in Pakistan decided to trigger the ultimate holy war by tricking us into nuking Mecca, for instance? Unless we could and were willing to kill every Muslim on earth, we would be back to that interminable war of attrition.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    That is exactly the point. The threat is to essentially eliminate the Muslim population. In your scenario, it would be up to the Pakistani or other government intelligence to discover such a rogue group and destroy it before it could bring about Wild Fire. The entire Muslim population are not fanatics with the urge to die for their cause. And Wild Fire is not designed to target just one or two places at a time. A single attack with WMD’s on the US would trigger the absolutely total destruction of at least 100 cities and installations bringing death to hundreds of millions. Its quite an incentive for governments to take control of their possible terrorist cells.

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