Pentagon Pays $2million for 2 Washers


The Guardian – Through a new electronic program aimed at reducing red tape to speed up payments, a plumbing supplier was able to defraud the pentagon out of $2 million for two washers that should have cost 19¢ each.

Charlene Corley, 47, co-owner of the plumbing and electrical firm C&D Distributors, who supplied parts to the military, is awaiting sentence after pleading guilty yesterday to defrauding the Pentagon. She faces 20 years in jail.
The most expensive washers in history were part of $20.5m the company stole from the Pentagon over the last 10 years. The company shipped plumbing and electrical parts to US bases round the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

The company claimed $998,798 for sending the two washers, which could have been put in an envelope and posted through normal mail for a few dollars. Other bills included $445,640 for shipping one elbow pipe worth $8.75, $492,096 for a machine thread plug and $403,436 for six screws worth $59.94.

That’s your defense tax dollars at work.

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2 Comments on “Pentagon Pays $2million for 2 Washers”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Corley deserves to go to jail for fraud, but what about the bigger fraud that was committed and started this war? When are those people going to be charged?

  2. Greg, Palm Springs, CA Says:

    They will never be charged because the citizens of the US have allowed these criminals carte blanche to the office, executive power they make up as they go (We need to update our political system and safequard what is left of our individual freedoms), US Treasury, playing in to their “US vs. Them” divisive tactics (Partisan political rhetoric such as gay marriage, abortion, religion, education, etc) that the dumbed down electorate perpetuate on command.

    What we need to do is use on of the last faltering individual freedoms we hav left (the right to protest). The sooner the people wake up, tighten the purse strings, and realize OUR VOTE DOES NOT COUNT OR IT IS NOT COUNTED, OUR VOICE IS NOT HEARD (special interests buy and pay for each and every candiddate who are beholden to for the rest of their terms in office”

    CIVIL DISOBEDIANCEM meaning loud and serious protests (bring your torches and musketts) and cut off ALL voluntary fundiny possible. Things would be different then

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