Bush Invents More Terrorists

Just in case we start running out of them before he’s ready…

So, Bush has taken the next step towards war with Iran by declaring their entire military to be terrorists. Isn’t that special. All of a sudden we have another 125,000 terrorists in the world just because our insane president say so. And of course that means we have to fight them. And that means we need more troops. And that means we have to

a) extend troop’s tour times even more or,

b) reduce troop’s time at home between tours or,

c) lower recruitment standards again or,

d) demand the wounded go back and fight anyway or,

e) reinstate the draft or,

f) all of the above.

Personally I am for lowering the recruitment standards again. We have already approved dopers and the mentally unfit. I think we can kill two birds with one stone by simply starting with our most overcrowded prisons and getting those boys into uniforms and shipped out. It’s win – win!

Seriously, I think it’s time for a non-deferment draft. Forcing middle and upper income boys to drop what they are doing and join the army is the fastest and surest way to put an end to this madness.

Of course that will never happen. It would be great relief for the troops who are wearing thin doing multiple tours, but it’s not going to get any supporters re-elected so that is off the table. Our government is murdering, yes murdering our young men – have been for over 4 years – while we sit back and watch and complain but allow it to continue.

Our forefathers had the guts to demand representation. But the ol’ gray mare she ain’t what she used to be.

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