Lutheran Church leads the way to the 21st Century

The Lutheran Church in the US has changed their stance on homosexual clergy and will now allow them to be involved in sexual relationships. From Reuters –

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) passed a resolution at its annual assembly urging bishops to refrain from disciplining pastors who are in “faithful committed same-gender relationships.”

The ELCA, which has 4.8 million members, had previously allowed gays to serve as pastors so long as they abstained from sexual relations.

The Church … has just said ‘Do not do punishments’,” said Phil Soucy, spokesman for Lutherans Concerned, a gay-lesbian rights group within the church. “That is huge.”

Since the ELCA was founded in 1988, the group has ordered three pastors in gay relationships to be removed from their ministries. The most recent case was decided in July when the ELCA’s committee on appeals voted to remove an openly gay pastor from St. John’s Lutheran Church in Atlanta.

The gay clergy issue has become a flashpoint in other faiths, including the Anglican Church.

I think this goes a long way towards removing church hypocrisy and entering the 21st Century. Its high time other churches followed the Lutheran’s lead and admitted that gay and lesbian clergy and parishioners have a right to maintain personal committed relationships just like their straight colleagues do.

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This story over at C&L just caught my eye. Seems a non-denominational megachurch has canceled a memorial service for a navy veteran of the 1st Gulf war because he was gay.

Officials at the nondenominational High Point Church knew that Cecil Howard Sinclair was gay when they offered to host his service, said his sister, Kathleen Wright. But after his obituary listed his life partner as one of his survivors, she said, it was called off.It’s a slap in the face. It’s like, ‘Oh, we’re sorry he died, but he’s gay so we can’t help you,’” she said Friday.

Church officials deny knowing he was gay until the day before the ceremony and assure the reporter that “It’s not that we didn’t love the family.”

This makes me so angry! Half of their church elders are probably beating their meat in the closet or molesting their alter boys and these same f**king hypocrites have the guts to JUDGE this man who at least had the balls to be open about his sexuality. And they call themselves High Point Church! Well fuck you High Point. I wouldn’t go to your disgusting, bigot infested church if it was the last one on earth. You can all go straight to hell.

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2 Comments on “Lutheran Church leads the way to the 21st Century”

  1. kfry Says:

    How I wish that what happened at Navy Pier was really as dramatic and important as the media is reporting. It IS a little step toward, as you say, moving away from hypocrisy and into the 21st century but let’s be clear: Lutherans are NOT allowing pastors in gay relationships! I was at this assembly, blogging at

    And what I saw were a bunch of very tired people agreeing to give their bishops some space. This was in no way, I do not believe, an affirmation of the gifts gay and lesbian pastors offer. It was deference to and concern for bishops who have been put in the middle of a mess. It was an attempt to keep the peace…just like every other resolution that passed during this assembly. The reports are overblown. Unfortunately! There is a lot of work to be done in order to effect REAL change in this denomination. I’ve posted 10 things I believe need to happen in order for change to occur. These are things that we on the left need to do. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Hi Kfry and thanks for the comments and the insight into this issue. I read your 10 items and I do admire the depth of your interest and your obvious devotion to the good work that churches can and should be doing. I am neither a Christian nor a believer but I do agree that the church CAN play an important role in society, especially for the poor and disenfranchised. Unfortunately, some choose the route of bigotry, intolerance of other faiths, clique-ishness and demands on their flocks that cannot be met.

    I don’t agree that the path to salvation is through reading and being faithful to the Bible and on that point it is best that we simply agree to disagree. Keep up your good fight and good luck.

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