Mitt’s 5 Sons support the Troops by NOT being in the Military

They serve their country by campaigning for Dad instead

I know this is not breaking news but sometimes you have to go with the post you have, not the post you wish you had.

I’m not really shocked that none of Romney’s 5 sons has, is or will serve in the military. That applies to a lot of ordinary folks. But I am surprised at how stupid his answer was when asked about it.

One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping to get me elected.”

I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like support for Mitt, not for “our nation.” Then, in an attempt to prove that his family is not completely out of touch with military service he…

explained his sons had made different career choices in life and had not chosen to serve in the military but he mentioned a niece whose husband he said had just been called up by the National Guard.

Well dang Mitt! Why didn’t you say so! A nephew-by marriage! Hell, that makes you almost as close to the action as Dwight Eisenhower or John Kennedy!

He follows up, as if this is going to make us all feel….I don’t even know what, by saying,

My son, Josh, bought the family Winnebago and has visited 99 counties, most of them with his three kids and his wife. And I respect that and respect all of those in the way they serve this great country.”

I for one, am so glad that Josh can afford to buy a new Winnebago, quit his job, and travel around the country with his wife and kids. I could never afford to do that in my lifetime but it is way cool that he can!

Finally, just to prove their strong allegiance to the war effort, son Tagg assures us that

If I was ever called upon to serve my country, I wouldn’t think twice,” he said. “I would be there in a heartbeat.”

The recruiters are begging for volunteers, Tagg. What you really mean is, if we had a draft and you got drafted you wouldn’t escape to Canada. Otherwise, forget it.

Sorry, Mitt. You aren’t exactly on my short list.

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One Comment on “Mitt’s 5 Sons support the Troops by NOT being in the Military”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That was a slap in the face to our troops, but coming from the offspring of a silver spoon father, not totally surprising.

    The rich really are different from the rest of us (they don’t fight wars).

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