Happy Birthday Singapore!

Today is National Day in Singapore which celebrates the 42nd anniversary of independence. The celebration each year involves thousands, mostly children who practice for weeks in advance. The show is absolutely spectacular.

This year, because the National Stadium is being torn down and replaced with a new world class facility, the show was held at the harbor with performances on what is now the earth’s largest floating stage.

We just watched it on TV and outside our window where we can see the jets, helicopters, parachutists and fireworks. Great stuff.

Singapore is truly a cosmopolitan and harmonious multi racial country. The president is Indian, the prime minister is Chinese, the pledge is in English and the national anthem is in Malay. I do love this town. Happy Birthday Singapore!

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3 Comments on “Happy Birthday Singapore!”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    We, the citizens of Singapore,
    pledge ourselves as one united people,
    regardless of race, language or religion,
    to build a democratic society
    based on justice and equality
    so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and
    progress for our nation.

    Just thought I would point out how much different it is from our pledging to a flag and to a God; how much different from our obsession with monolingualism and fear of heresy and our passion to compel belief.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Thanks Cap’n and of course you are right. I was lucky enough to attend the preview event last year and I have never sat in a crowd like that before that was so proud and patriotic. Everyone is wearing red, everyone sings the anthem and everyone cheers when the president arrives. Not because they feel they have to, but because they love and respect the man.

    Lee Kwan Yew, the father of this modern nation is revered as almost a God, and well he should be. As late as the early 70’s this was a fishing village with coolies hawking fish and vegetables from boats on the river. Now, with no natural resources except its people, it is the richest country in South Asia. This is due to his exceptional leadership.

    There are those here who oppose the administration and think they have too few freedoms and are censored and restricted. Coming from the US, where we see the disasterous social impact of some of our “freedoms” I am amused by this. Maybe that will be food for a future post.

  3. praguetwin Says:

    Happy Birthday Singapore!

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