Listen to the Troops Speak Out

H/t to Marty on the Home Front for finding this video. Listening to those who have actually participated is a necessary and vital part of forming a solid, conscientious stance on this war.

Towards the end you will hear one veteran describe how all wars eventually become racist wars in that the US military must dehumanize the enemy in order to make it morally acceptable for our troops to kill them. It’s done by discrediting their religion, calling them names and associating filthy or animal like characteristics to them. (think about the Abu Ghriab pictures)

In Vietnam we learned to call the enemy “dinks” and “gooks” and “slant eyes” etc. and to make fun of their food, religion, size, speech and even their poverty. The army had no problem drilling into us that the only good gook was a dead gook.

Don’t be shocked when some soldiers end up killing civilians and committing other atrocities. The army trains them to do so and trains them very well.

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