Terror, Terror Everywhere

Take a look at this site and its Global Incident map. It shows the various terrorist or maybe terrorist incidents up to date all over the world. Notice the US?

Bush keeps up his spewage about fighting them there so they won’t come here. Um, George they’re here already.

Logistically, I have never been able to figure out how fighting there keeps terrorists out of the US. Do we like, collect their passports over there before we fight them? Or do we count them to make sure none slip away from that fight to start a new one here? It’s a mystery to me.

Just asking.

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2 Comments on “Terror, Terror Everywhere”

  1. Pat R. Says:

    In a world where terror reigns supreme, is it possible to remain terror free?

    This new reality has begun to sink into Americans at large to present entirely new perspectives on elections and the kinds and quality of candidates required to survive such problems.

    If it hasn’t, over time it will make the different in whether America retains admiration and honor, or becomes merely another predator nation in search of a victim. Directions in which America is heading aren’t promising.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    I live overseas and trust me, American has already lost its admiration and honor in the eyes of the world. It is fixable however, but not by following the current foreign policy.
    I’m not talking about just the war. Just as important is the US ceasing its support of oppressive regimes, especially in the middle east. People there hate us not because of our freedoms and our religions, but because we support the rulers who abuse and oppress them.

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