Is Bush the AntiChrist?

A quick comment on the new pic floating around showing Bush out running with not one but two amputees. I won’t show it here because I’m not going to be a platform for his satanistic hypocrisy.

Now, lets see if I understand this…

Bush lies to get our troops into a dangerous war.

He won’t spend the money for adequate supplies for them.

He won’t spend the money for enough armoured vehicles for them.

He grossly miscalculates the war so troops have to go back over and over again and for longer times.

He cuts the VA budget by a billion dollars.

He refuses a 1/2% increase in military pay.

He discourages medals and awards for heroism so the American people won’t hear what atrocities the troops had to endure to get them.

He doesn’t allow photos to be taken of the caskets coming home.

He allows wounded troops to live in miserable conditions at Walter Reed.

And he has the guts to set up a photo op (again) with two brave men who gave their legs for his lying, criminal behavior? Like he gives a shit about them or the thousands of others whose lives have been devastated by this?

God, even Dan Quayle would be an improvement over this disgusting wretch of a president.

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2 Comments on “Is Bush the AntiChrist?”

  1. nytexan Says:

    The man has no conscience. There is no relationship between one event and another in his screwed up parallel universe. His photo op is just another example of his disconnect with the troops; but remember Bush does support them. What a freaking putz.

  2. Two limbless joggers now? Just like other Bushista garbage, simply add more of the same.

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