Bytes from My Blogroll

Some good stuff from the list today…

First up, Kathy at Stone Soup has the best example of the Bush hypocrisy when it comes to government run health care. God, I hope he has to deal with an HMO someday! Captain Fogg, with his usual brilliant prose has the scoop on the Bush-Nazi connection and also exposes those “I saw Jesus in a wash rag myths”. Libby at Impolitic is ‘effing pissed off about all kinds of “batshit” today. Who can blame her? Cliff Schecter has the short story on the guy who got arrested for assault for telling Cheney his policies were unsound. Well, at least he didn’t get shot in the face. Belle is going on vacation! And she’s taking a…muumuu? Jeez, tell me it isn’t so! Bluebloggin has the tragic breaking story of the flood at the Bush Library in Crawford. (People there can read?) Firedoglake has the story on the crazy people attending the Christians United for Isreal Conference and guess who’s speaking there. Finally, and on a much more serious note, Praguetwin supplies the link to this excellent and profound article from wapo on Why Do They Hate Us? Read both pages.

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One Comment on “Bytes from My Blogroll”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    The story about the guy arrested for “assaulting” Cheney is misleading if it suggests this was recent. The Denver Post reported last October that the man had filed suit against a Secret Service officer who arrested him in June 2006.

    As I recall, Dr. Ben Marble was briefly detained and then let go for telling Dick to go F himself repeatedly on national TV right after Katrina hit New Orleans.

    Both men are heroes, needless to say.

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