Al Qaida: Here, There, Everywhere

Bush, in another of his lying speeches to a group of soldiers (he’s not stupid enough to give a speech in front of an uncontrolled group of American people) once again tries to beat the Run for your lives! Al Qaida is coming! message into our heads. It’s really becoming quite a bore. He said,

Here’s the bottom line: Al Qaida in Iraq is run by foreign leaders loyal to Osama bin Laden. Like bin Laden, they are cold-blooded killers who murder the innocent to achieve al Qaida’s political objectives.

No, George. Here’s the bottom line. You are a liar and the American people know it. You are a frighteningly inept president and you are the biggest danger to the United States. And by the way, how many Iraqi civilians have been killed in your effort to achieve your political objectives. Even your own people know you are a liar.

I think what the president is saying is in some sense fundamentally misleading,” said Robert Grenier, former head of the counter-terrorism center at the CIA as well as the agency’s mission manager for the war in Iraq. “If he means to suggest the invasion of Iraq has not created more jihadists bent on killing Americans, and that if Iraq hadn’t been there as a magnet they would have been attracted somewhere else, that’s completely disingenuous.”

Grenier pins down the one simple fact that Bush cannot acknowledge without showing himself as the miserably poor leader that he is. Bin Laden is not the cause of the growth and popularity of the insurgency in Iraq – we are.

The war “has convinced many Muslims that the United States is the enemy of Islam and is attacking Muslims, and they have become jihadists as a result of their experience in Iraq,” Grenier said.

My advice to Americans is this. Instead of sitting in your locked up homes trembling with fear as you wait for Al Qaida to come smashing through your front doors you might want to pay more attention to those nasty little problems that are really occurring around you. You know, like the 200 million guns out on your streets or the out of control drugs within easy reach of your children, or even a little item like this.

There are about 600,000 convicted sex offenders in the United States. As of this month, 29,000 of them had profiles on MySpace.

Sleep well moms and dads. Your children are online, but not with Al Qaida…..

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One Comment on “Al Qaida: Here, There, Everywhere”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    You’re right, we’re always seeing him with a captive military audience that probably isn’t going to start booing and throwing things.

    I really do wonder what they really think of him though. Are they so caught up in the God and Country madness that they don’t smell the sulfur or are they just quietly waiting for 2009?

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