Bush Violates the Law…..Again

Can this guy manage to do anything legally? There are now two independent investigations going on concerning Bush and Cheney illegally meddling with the Endangered Species program. In one, a Bush appointee, Julie MacDonald, illegally altering data and documents, harassed and bullied employees, and interfered with scientific findings related to new listings. That appointee has since been fired.

“We confirmed that MacDonald has been heavily involved with editing, commenting on, and reshaping the endangered species program’s scientific reports from the field,” the inspector general wrote, also noting that “she has no formal educational background in natural sciences, such as biology. [MacDonald] also “disclosed nonpublic information to private sector sources” – special interests that had a financial stake in species listing and protection.

And there is more.

“In 2005, UCS surveyed about 450 Fish and Wildlife Service scientists. Two-thirds said they knew of cases where Interior Department political appointees had interfered with scientific reports and decisions, and 84 said they had been ordered to remove or change technical information from scientific documents.”

At the same time, funding for the program has been cut which has delayed the listing of 278 new candidate species.

In the other case, Cheney interfered with decisions involving fresh waterways that ultimately killed 70,000 Klamath River salmon. His intervention allowed water to be diverted to farm irrigation which was a direct violation of the Endangered Species act. Since then, fish levels and spawning have never recovered.

Now, I am not some fanatical greenie. But I do know that interference with even a seemingly insignificant species can have dramatic consequences as you go up the food chain. No animal can be eliminated independently. That animal is either a food source for other animals or controls lower animals by eating them. Or both. Think how the rodent population would explode if there were no birds of prey or snakes to control their numbers.

Its just one more case of Bush’s absolute disregard for the law in order to help major industry and he is getting away with it again. Like many of his illegal activities, this will have lasting impact long after his sorry ass is gone.

Not Enough Time to Impeach?

This brings up another issue. No one with half a brain argues that Bush has not committed numerous impeachable offenses. Yet the Dems still refuse to consider that action.

During the debates, Dodd said that initiating impeachment procedures would take focus away from the other, more pressing issues that plague us. You know, all the other messes Bush has gotten us involved in. So, in other words, there isn’t enough time or staff to do both.

WTF? What kind of message does this send to the American people and to future presidents? Break the law – repeatedly – and if they have enough time Congress will perform its duty and take the constitutionally authorized action.

Our founding fathers must be puking in their graves.

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3 Comments on “Bush Violates the Law…..Again”

  1. daredevil92103 Says:

    i agree with you on all counts. i’ve got a post on what congressman olver said. if that makes any sense.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Hi daredevil,
    would check it out but your name doesn’t link.

  3. daredevil92103 Says:

    hey. huh. well here’s my site address.

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