Republican Wankers of the Day

Two examples of public officials who are just wankers.

In Utah, a doctor spent $1,500 to purchase tickets to “Sicko” and invited a large group of public officials to a free viewing. Being a bunch of keep-the-blinders-on Republicans, most of them turned him down flat. They don’t have time for such drivel, of course. These are busy men!

Instead, following in the footsteps of another Republican wanker, Mike Huckabee, they blame the health care crisis on Michael Moore. They even call him a Nazi.

Rep. Brad Dee, R-Orem, said Moore was “cut from the same cloth” as Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. “The solution to our health-care system is not socialism, which has never been successful in the long run,” he said.

Brad is obviously an idiot. He does not explain how he compares Moore to Goebbels and he wouldn’t know a socialist if one bit him in his Mormon ass. But I’m sure it sounded good for the equally dumb folks who put him in office and I’m sure, will again. Brad is today’s Runner Up.

But the winner of today’s Wanker of the Day Award, is Rep Carl Wimmer. He said,

“Michael Moore’s movies are “full of lies and half-truths and I don’t see how this will be any different. Until we have a firm grasp on the problem, I don’t think anyone will be able to solve it.”

He wasn’t interested in seeing “Sicko” and said

government has no role in fixing health care.”

Is that a crock of idiot crap or what? I’m quite sure that Carl never had a “firm grasp” on anything more substantial than his dingus. And talk about guts! A Republican politician attacking someone else for lies and half truths?? You’re a laugh-a- fucking-minute Carl.

And of course governments have absolutely no role to play in the health and welfare of the people they represent, You know, the ones who elected them and pay their salaries. Why, what a ghastly situation we would be in if our government was involved in our health and welfare!

We can be assured of one thing. Carl Wimmer will NOT be the guy who ultimately gets a grip on the problem of health care and contributes to the solution.

It’s really no wonder at all why our country is in such a quagmire. Most of our leaders are either blatantly corrupt or live in a single party, keep-the-blinders-on fantasy world and have absolutely no clue about the day to day lives of the people. And some, like the two above, are just wankers.

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