Mitt Romney’s Dirty Mind


Mitt Romney continues to make the most inane statements. I am just amazidiot3.jpged that he has ever been elected to any office. He has, of course because he is rich and money will ultimately buy any office in the country.

On Thursday, while campaigning in South Carolina, he criticized Democratic rival Barack Obama for supporting age-appropriate sex education for children as young as kindergartners.

“Senator Obama is wrong if he thinks science-based sex education has any place in kindergarten,” Romney told some 150 people at a restaurant in the northern part of the state. We should be working to clean up the filthy waters our kids are swimming in.”

I’m sure that is a popular thing to say among the backward, bible thumping conservatives but the fact is Mitt, it’s a stupid thing to say. Social scientists have agreed for decades that age-appropriate sex education should begin at age 4-5 or even earlier depending upon the precociousness of the child.

Let me tell you something, Mitt. Sex education is not “filthy waters.” Filthy waters are created by adults and it is adults who love to swim in them. Its not the kids who made Playboy and Penthouse and Hustler hugely successful companies. It is not the kids who turned the adult movie business into a multi-billion dollar industry. It is not the kids who have made porn sites the most visited sites by far on the net. Nope, thats us, the adults. Why? Because we love all this juicy substitution sex. Why? Um, maybe because we never had any proper, healthy sex education when we were young?? Ya think?

The only thing filthy is that we continue to teach our children that good, healthy, feel-good sex is filthy. Just like we were taught. God, are we ever going to GROW UP? When are we, as supposedly civilized and educated adults going to finally be able to admit that sex is a healthy and important part of life, that the sexual urge is a natural and powerful one that we all share (yes, even our children have it just like we did then) and that there is nothing “dirty” about sex.

The plague of STD’s and teen and even earlier pregnancies are not the result of sex education, they are the result of NO sex education.

Jesus, this guy is more dangerous than Bush! Can you imagine how far back he would turn the scientific clock if he became president? It’s absolutely frightening! And the Repub’s are sure to make him the frontrunner because of it.

Mitt better hope that we don’t find any skeletons in his sexual closet (but wouldn’t it be fun if we did?)

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10 Comments on “Mitt Romney’s Dirty Mind”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with this. My only problem is we have teachers incapable of teaching the basics, how can we expect them to add sex education to the agenda?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Personally, I would rather present the topic to my child when and how I feel it is appropriate.

  3. slivermoon22 Says:

    Don’t be ridiculous. Obama never advocated any such thing, and any thing Romney EVER says should be deeply questioned. I don’t trust him for one second.

  4. musicgirl Says:

    I am totally shocked at expatbrian and his assumptions about why the world is full of porn. As for me, I graduated less than 8 years ago from High school and really despised the sex education classes that I was forced to attend. Rather I enjoyed those quiet moments, when my mother sat beside me and answered the questions that I had in an honest, and straightforward way, only giving me as much information as was good for me, my personality, my age, my life.

    And then when I grew up and got married I feel like I had a very healthy understanding of sex education. I now am a mother of my own little kindergarten child. She is precious. I would never want a school to assume the privilege and responsibility of teaching her the facts of life from their perspective or from any perspective. Studies have shown again and again that those who have open and honest conversations with their parents about sex are far less likely to engage in premarital sex, and other high risk behaviours. I honestly can’t imagine that expatbrian is a father of any kind, unless HE doesn’t have the backbones to teach his own children sex education. Now who are we calling an amoeba?

  5. Barc Says:

    I’m w/ musicgirl on this one. I think the challenge that America faces is that we expect government to fulfill a mother and father’s role. I’m sure the idea that the family should be the heart of society seems to be a paradigm of the past in a less than ideal world. I belong to the same church as Mitt and growing up I was taught both in my parents and in my church that sex is healthy, important, natural, and especially powerful between a married man and woman.
    I respect expatbrian’s point of view because it sounds sincere. I just appears like you are misunderstanding Mitt, and the LDS (Mormon) faith as demonstrated by your post and the cartoon of Mitt touting a Book of Mormon.

  6. expatbrian Says:

    I appreciate all the comments. Music girl, wouldn’t it be wonderful if all children had a mom like you did who was willing to broach the subject in an open, loving and truthful way. If that was the case, no one would need nor advocate sex education in schools at all. Unfortunately, that is not the case. And so, because most learned people agree that the subject must be taught by someone, and so many parents will not step up to the plate, the schools are elected.

    I had a wonderful sex-ed teacher but not until high school and by then it was too late, lol.

    If the teachers are not prepared to teach the subject as criminy says, then we have to prepare them. Because many parents, if they bring it up at all, are not going to do so properly and the kids will end up getting their info from classmates who also have been mis taught.

    As for the Mormons, I have never been one, but the other 4 members of my immediate family were all baptized as Mormons and I became fairly familiar with them. When the bishop told my son at age 14 that masturbation was a dreadful sin, he didn’t want to anymore either and I don’t blame him. In any case, thanks for the comments, it is a serious problem and so far our attempts to solve it have been dismal failures. With all due respect to Barc, I think the Christian church shares a significant amount of the responsibility for those failures. BTW I have 3 kids myself and 4 grandkids.

  7. Capt Fogg Says:

    It’s “Science based” sex education Romney opposes. Is it too far fetched to think he would not oppose mythological sex education, or ecclesiastical sex education or political sex education or factually erroneous sex education? Else why did he include the word Science?

    Nietzsche said that every opinion conceals an opinion, and I think anti-science opinions conceal an agenda of lies.

  8. musicgirl Says:

    Don’t you think that more could be done to inspire/educate/encourage the parents to step up to the plate and fulfill their responsibilities? I think it’s less ridiculous for the government to demand parents attend sex ed classes than it is for the government to demand that our kids attend sex ed classes, it’s kind of ironic.

  9. expatbrian Says:

    Ideally, you are right. But the government would never get away with demanding sex ed for parents and parents would never admit that they needed that in the first place. You’re right that schools should not be the venue for solid, meaningful, truthful sex ed. But in the real world it ends up being the only possible solution for mass sex education because the parents just will not take care of it. And lets face it. Many if not most parents are not knowledgeable enough to do it anyway. Not that teachers are, but the difference is, the government and school boards CAN demand that their teachers teach it. They cannot demand that parents do.

  10. musicgirl Says:

    If a nation does not stand for anything it will fall for everything. And I think this is true of this subject as well. I personally am glad that there are some politicians who are prepared to take a stand for something (popular or not) for the sake of what is really best for our kids.

    In fact it would be interesting to see what plan the politicians who oppose sex ed in school have to ensure that it results in a more successful outcome. (aka less teen pregnancies and abortions)

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