Elders to Address World Problems



A group of elder statesmen and women calling themselves the Elders has been formed by Nelson Mandela for the purpose of addressing the worlds most serious problems and coming up with solutions.

Mr Mandela said the group of elders would use almost 1,000 years of collective experience to dream up solutions for seemingly insurmountable problems like climate change, HIV/AIDS and poverty.
The group consists of former President Mary Robinson, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, former US President Jimmy Carter and Nobel peace winner Desmond Tutu. Nobel prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi is also a member but remains under house arrest by the military jerks in Burma.
UK entrepreneur Richard Branson and singer Peter Gabriel came up with idea of launching a brain trust of world leaders seven years ago. They asked Mr Mandela, who has officially retired from public life and will not play a major role, to launch the group and select its members.
Mr Carter said governments had frequently failed to tackle the world’s big issues and conflicts because they were beholden to voters, inhibited by their own political agenda and beset with domestic problems. This group, he added, will be able to risk failure and will not need to claim credit for any success.

This is an amazing story really. It’s amazing where the idea originated (Branson and Gabriel) and more power to them.

What would be more amazing I am distressed to say would be for it to succeed. Any solutions this group comes up with will ultimately cost money and involve governments: the same governments who, so far, have not solved the problems themselves.

So I fear that when they approach the American government for support with their solution for AIDS in Africa for example, they will get a few bucks but only if they agree to not pass out any condoms or teach any planned parenthood techniques or proceed in any meaningful way if it might offend Bush’s ultra right backers.

Its really a shame that a group like this needs to be formed at all. Aren’t the leaders of the world’s nations supposed to be solving these problems anyway. Isn’t that their job?

No it isn’t their job. Their job is to achieve power and keep it. That is their only job and they will do anything to get that job done.

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2 Comments on “Elders to Address World Problems”

  1. jeremiasx Says:

    In five years this group will undoubtedly be pegged as part of some wacky NWO conspiracy. LOL…

    Seriously though…any help is good help at this point.

  2. Mike S Says:

    Heart-warming story, I don’t know what their chances are but at least they’re trying. Carter never ceases to impress me.

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