…Is The Pope a Catholic?

Doggone it! I was thinking about going to church next Sunday, you know, try to get back to a little religion, but then the pope comes out and says that my church is not a church at all!

“It is nevertheless difficult to see how the title of ‘Church’ could possibly be attributed to [Protestant communities], given that they do not accept the theological notion of the Church in the Catholic sense and that they lack elements considered essential to the Catholic Church.

pope_grinch.jpgA 16 page document issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which the Pope used to head, reaffirms traditional teaching that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church — though “elements of truth” are found in separated churches.

Wow!! Hey!! at least we have a few elements of truth, right? Whew!

The Orthodox Church, which has “true sacraments” and a genuine priesthood made out a little better. But its failure to acknowledge the Pope’s authority meant it suffered from a “defectus”, politely translated from Latin as “a wound”.

A defectus? I think I had a genital defectus once and had to take some penicillin.

All kidding aside, just WTF is this crap? I think it’s a desperate marketing campaign by the Vatican to try to beef up sagging church membership and stop the exodus away from the church by the clergy. Instead of taking a close look at their own inadequacies and maybe joining the 21st century, like the largest Catholic nation on earth has, they are playing the spiritual fear card.

They want you all to follow the strict church dogma and doctrine, to tow the Catholic line if you will. They condemn condom use even to prevent AIDS because they need you to have lots of little Catholic babies who can grow up to fill those donation baskets every Sunday. And for God’s sake, do not have sexual relations with anybody, not even your spouse, just for the pleasure of it!

(Catechism 2353) “Fornication is carnal union between an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. It is gravely contrary to the dignity of persons and of human sexuality which is naturally ordered to the good of spouses and the generation and education of children. Moreover, it is a grave scandal when there is corruption of the young.”

(Catechism 2357) …Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.” They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.

Well, I have one thing to say. Practice what you preach.

  • Pope John XII (955–963) was said to have turned the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano into a brothel and was accused of adultery, fornication, and incest
  • Pope John XII (955–964) was bludgeoned to death by the husband of the woman he was with at the time, Pope John XIII (965–972) was also murdered by a jealous husband.
  • Pope Pius II (1458–1464) had at least two illegitimate children (one in Strasbourg and one in Scotland.
  • Pope Innocent VIII (1484–1492) had several illegitimate children.
  • Pope Alexander VI (1492–1503) had a notably long affair with Vannozza dei Cattanei before his papacy, by whom he had his famous illegitimate children Cesare and Lucrezia. A later mistress, Giulia Farnese, was the sister of Alessandro Farnese, who later became Pope Paul III. Rumors of Alexander’s sexual activity were even more wild — see Banquet of Chestnuts. He fathered a total of seven children.
  • Pope Julius II (1503–1513) had three illegitimate daughters.
  • Pope Paul III (1534–1549) held off ordination in order to continue his promiscuous lifestyle, fathering four illegitimate children by his mistress. His nickname was “Cardinal Petticoat” because his sister Giulia had been Alexander VI’s mistress. He made his illegitimate son Pier Luigi Farnese the first Duke of Parma.
  • Pope Pius IV (1559–1565) had several illegitimate children.
  • Pope Gregory XIII (1572–1585) had an illegitimate son before he took holy orders.
  • Pope Benedict IX (1032–1044, 1045–1046, 1047–1048) Accused by Bishop Benno of Placenta of “many vile adulteries and murders.” Pope Victor III referred to “his rapes, murders and other unspeakable acts. His life as a Pope so vile, so foul, so execrable, that I shudder to think of it.”
  • Pope Clement II (1046–1047) died from consuming too much lead sugar, which was used at the time as a cure for venereal diseases. It is unknown whether Clement took the lead sugar to treat a sexually transmitted disease or if he was poisoned by a third party.

Not to mention the accusations of child sexual abuse made against 4,392 Catholic priests and deacons in the USA alone as documented in the John Jay Report. The overwhelming majority of these children were male. From the report:priest_altarboyslife.jpg

“The survey responses make it clear that the problem was indeed widespread and affected more than 95% of dioceses and approximately 60% of religious communities[USA]. Of the 195 dioceses and eparchies that participated in the study, all but seven have reported that allegations of sexual abuse of youths under the age of 18 have been made against at least one priest serving in ecclesiastical ministry in that diocese or eparchy. Of the 140 religious communities that submitted surveys, all but 30 reported at least one allegation against a religious priest who was a member of that community.

So, Mr. Pope, before you go telling me that my church is not a church at all, I suggest you cut the hypocrisy and finish cleaning up the semen stains in yours.

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12 Comments on “…Is The Pope a Catholic?”

  1. Alexander Says:

    The only statement I want to hear coming out of the Pope’s mouth is that Jesus is the way to salvation…not Catholicism, not 40 Hail Mary’s, not participation in a soup kitchen, not a Sunday service…and while I am on a roll…not ANY “religion”. All that said, this is kind of old news, the Catholic faith has been misleading people for a long time…they are a “works” based religion…guiding people to jump through hoops to get to heaven. Sorry, its all about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Unless a church is preaching that…it’s barking up the wrong tree.

    How do I know? I have personally experienced the salvation that only Jesus can bring. It is by His grace not mine that it happened for me.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    Alexander, I think you are the first born again Christian who has agreed with anything in my scathing attacks on the Catholic church and I have posted a few. Thanks for your comment and although I am not a Christian, I certainly admire your attitude towards your faith and support your right to it.

  3. Capt Fogg Says:

    Look up Edgardo or Edgar Mortara, a Jewish Child forcibly abducted by Pious IX’s inquisition in 1858 and never returned to his family despite international protest. His nurse had sprinkled him with magic water and so it was illegal to return home but perfectly acceptable for him to spend his youth in the knee hole of the Pope’s desk.

    And then there’s the collusion between the Vatican and the Fascists and Adolph Hitler.

    Are the Fundies any different? Hell no. Almost as nauseating to me is the idea that being the best and most selfless man on earth is not as good as having a “personal relationship” with a dead first century Jewish faith healer. It’s just one more bit of bloated ego to say “only my religion is true and so you’re going to hell no matter how good you are.” Nice family values.

    Nothing is true, all things are permitted.

  4. Annette Says:

    I just got as far as the first couple of popes on your “immorality list” when I shot down to make this comment. How often do we have to tell you folk (outside the one true Church) that no-one ever claimed that popes were sinless?????

    That is not the deal. Go and read up on Christ’s words to His first bishops – “he that hears you hears Me” plus the other, Petrine, texts that reveal that God wants us to listen to the Church He established to dispense the graces necessary to save our souls. Then go and read up on how that teaching was made even clearer (as Christ prophesied when He told his first bishops that when He had gone the Paraclete would come…etc) until we reached a clear understanding of why God wanted us to know with certainty that the key teachings essential for salvation would be delivered to us by an infallible authority – infallible because of a special grace with which He would invest Peter and his successors.
    Of course popes sin and of course they are less than perfect, especially the recent popes who have manifestly failed to govern the church well, allowing people to think that one religion or one “church” is as good as another. Yikes! Think man – that just don’t make sense.

  5. expatbrian Says:

    His first “bishops”? I always heard them referred to as disciples. Sounds like an attempt to again show that Christ was really just talking about the Catholics all the time. I appreciate the comments Annette, but I believe your point of view comes from a seriously false and flawed premise – that Christ was the son of a supreme being, your god.

    As far as popes being sinners, sure they are. But these popes went beyond that and to minimize their behavior, actually justify it by grouping them with everyone else as just “sinners” is a serious cop out and one I have heard before.

    These were POPES, GODS CHOSEN. Shouldn’t we expect just a little more from them??? And they were not just “sinners.” They weren’t dishonoring their parents or worshiping false idols or getting caught shoplifting. They were engaging in rampant, uncontrolled, repeated acts of lust and degeneracy in direct defiance of the church doctines and dogma that they demanded their “flock” adhere to. Don’t tell me these were men of god. They were not. They were sleazy, dirty old men who victimized those who placed their trust and faith in them.

    I do agree that churches are not equal and I think that the Catholic church is among the worst. The Mormon church is right up there too. Fact is, if I had to choose, I would not run with the Christian faiths at all – far too bloody history for me. I’m trying to remember the last time the Buddhists went on a bloody rampage in the name of their faith.

    Again, appreciate you stopping by and hope you do so again.

  6. Capt Fogg Says:

    The fact that the entire Christian canon was selected from a very diverse literature by men of very dubious character seems to escape those who try to separate Christianity from the misdeeds of those who define it and regulate it and use it for the benefit of power.

    In particular, the “god wrote the bible” commandos seem to ignore that this would mean that God wrote umpteen versions of certain books and at least two of any of them and that it was a succession of politicians and pagans who selected the “real” versions and burned the rest.

    The best they can do is mumble something about mysterious ways of god.

    And I alone have escaped to tell thee. . .

  7. Annette Says:

    Buddhists don’t have a “faith” – although they do talk about worship and spirituality etc. All mixed up, like every other “religion” of human concoction. I once knew a “western buddhist” and a more bad tempered, rude and often downright nasty lady I have never met. Used to leave herself messages on her answering machine telling herself what a “beautiful person” she was, all part of the Buddhist creed of self, self and self again. You might well enjoy that little religion and they are sure to welcome you since you have the one thing that is a by-word for popularity in the sphere of false religions – a hatred of Catholicism. The same Catholicism which gave us our hospitals, orphanages and schools and other charitable donations when the atheists and agnostics walked comfortably along on the other side.
    You have raised the office of Pope to the level of a deity, expatbrian, whereas they are mere human beings with a guarantee that the won’t fail to TEACH / pass on the saving truths revealed by God. Of course they ought to show good example and be seen to live as men of God and many of them have.
    So, tell me this expatbrian. Have you ever read any of the lives of the holy popes, the saints that have graced both Church and world in their time? No? Thought so.
    And, sorry, but, wrong, the “disciples” were the first followers of Christ (laity) the apostles were His first priests and bishops. Hence Pope Benedict is a direct successor of the apostle Peter. Amazing.

  8. expatbrian Says:

    Annette, All spoken like a true brainwashed believer. You defend your church with as much fervor as Bush defends his misguided war.
    I love the way you immediately belittle and criticize another “little” religion (one which I am sure you are an expert on) by calling it a human concoction. And then justify it because you know ONE BUDDHIST. Thats the funniest crock of crap I’ve heard yet today.
    And I like the way that you give the Catholic Church the credit for forming all the worlds hospitals, orphanages, schools and charities.
    As far as the pope being just a human being, I am very aware of that. Its not me that treat him as if he is a god, its you. As far as his teaching, I’ll pass on his lessons. If what he is teaching is justification for the Church’s bloody, hypocritical history or is responsible for the more recent reprehensible behavior of his clergy I don’t want any part of it.
    And by the way, neither do the 83% of the people on this earth who do not recognize his authority or believe in the Catholic Church.
    Buddhists are a humble lot. They are not a group who tries to dominate others or expand their control. They are peaceful and seem to be perfectly happy with their niche. The Catholic Church is none of those things. They should be the ones taking lessons.
    And Annette, I am not the least bit interested in studying your list of popes. I don’t believe in your god and am pretty sick of all those, Catholic and otherwise, who make it their mission in life to shove him down my throat.

  9. Annette Says:

    Nobody is shoving Catholicism down your throat but when you attack the Church founded by Christ, you must at least allow us right of reply.

    Hilarious that you criticise and ridicule me for using “one buddhist” as an example of my experience of Buddhism when I’ve only met (and been decidedly unimpressed with that one, with whom I had the misfortune of sharing a flat in my younger days and a more selfish “lady” I have yet to meet) when you and your ilk are doing precisely that, proportionately, by attacking the Church due to the misbehaviour of a minority of clergy and/or popes. And notably, every Buddhist gets your approval – they are, homogenously, “a humble lot”. Quite a lad, is expatbrian – The Guru of Generalisations!

    You don’t believe in God. Fine. Then shove off and leave those of us who do, to get on with our lives without having to waste time correcting your (insert adjective) errors on (insert adjective) blogs like this!

    Don’t want us to be enemies, expatbrian, so I’ll now shove off and leave you in peace. Take care.

  10. expatbrian Says:

    You don’t believe in God. Fine. Then shove off and leave those of us who do, to get on with our lives without having to waste time correcting your (insert adjective) errors on (insert adjective) blogs like this!

    Um, Annette, in case you hadn’t noticed, this is my blog that you are asking me to “shove off from” and no one asked you to waste any time here. That has been your choice as it would be mine to visit your blog….if you had one.

    I lived for a year in Vietnam with nothing but Buddhists and have been living now in Singapore for 4 years in a population that is overwhelmingly Buddhist so, while I may be generalizing, my comments are certainly based on a wealth of more information that yours are.

    Lastly, your church does indeed try to shove their beliefs down my and everyone elses throats. When you tell us that your church is the only real one, the only way to heaven, if we don’t believe as you do we will go straight to hell and that our church is not a church at all but only yours is, and you send missionaries out all over the world spouting that intolerant message – that my dear is shoving it down our throats. Why can’t you just be happy to enjoy your faith and worship as you see fit without insisting that everyone follow your lead?

    Based on your churches own statistics, 83% of us don’t want to follow your faith, don’t believe in your popes authority, and don’t believe that it was a church, the only church, sanctioned by Christ. Most don’t believe in Christ as a messiah. Quit demanding that we do. If we are going to go to hell, let us proceed there in peace!

  11. Annette Says:

    I do leave you to proceed there in peace, Sugar Plum. Just don’t say you weren’t told – that is what Christ commanded us to do and we do our best to pass on His message. But He also told us not to cast pearl before swine and to shake off the dust from where we are not welcomed. That I’m about to do. I only came by again for a quick look but I am about to remove this blog from my computer because I’m not really into blogs and only participate in them very occasionally.

    One last thing. It is the utter hatred that people like you harbour in your hearts for the Church that Christ founded that makes me so curious. Can’t be just that you object to the message – I can’t keep a straight face when I read about the beliefs of Hindus and Muslims and Buddhists, to be honest, they are so ridiculous. But I don’t feel any anger at them, let alone rage. I just feel sorry for them and pray for their conversion. That is what puzzles me most about this world – or it would had not Christ Himself warned us that if we followed His teaching, the world would hate us and it hated Him. Must be something deep in the conscience, methinks. Anyway, may the God in whom you do not believe and whom you appear to despise, fill your heart with a love of truth and with His peace. May He, in short, bless you!

  12. expatbrian Says:

    Yes, Annette, please please take me off of your computer. I can’t take you putting words in my mouth anymore nor listen to your “Jim Jones” brainwashed bullshit.

    I can’t despise a god that does not exist, idiot. And you are the only one, repeatedly that has used the words hate and hatred. Not very Christian of you is it? And just what is the difference between my calling your church ridiculous and you calling ALL THE OTHERS ridiculous. You are a hypocrite. If you believers and your church would practice what you preach, perhaps you would not be so condemned by others.
    You are a very selective Christian.

    If you want to find out what is really happening in the world, for a change, perhaps you should put down your bible for just a few minutes each day and read some blogs, or some up to date books, or maybe something with one tiny iota of scientific evidence.

    You can respond, but this is my last. I have bigger fish to fry than you Annette.

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