Half Cooked – Half Alive

This is so disgusting I’m having trouble even posting it. The video shows a chef cooking a carps body but keeping the fish alive for serving. The head of the fish is held with a wet towel and just the body is fried. It is served immediately while the fish is still struggling to breath.

Like so many other disgusting things, this is considered a delicacy in China. Here’s the story.

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26 Comments on “Half Cooked – Half Alive”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Sorry, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the video after reading the description. I think people who border on cruel must like preparing and eating things in this manner. I couldn’t even bring myself to drop a live lobster in a pot of boiling water.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    I agree. I find that as I get older I have very little tolerance for anything other than the most humane methods of killing our food sources.

  3. Jeebus. Like Kathy said your description is enough for me. My question is – why do this? To pretend that it’s as fresh as absolutely possible? To have the fish release some secretion that enhances the flavor of the flesh? Sheer cruelty factor?

  4. expatbrian Says:

    The whole idea is to show the customer how fresh the fish is, so fresh infact that you are eating it alive. Now, that’s fresh.

  5. Margaret Says:

    The Chinese are not known for their compassion. Whether it’s fish or people they are vicious. I couldn’t watch the video either.

  6. expatbrian Says:

    Margaret, thanks for your comment. I live in Singapore and my love is Chinese. I assume you meant they were all vicious EXCEPT her. πŸ™‚

  7. VALDIS Says:

    A great dish, and a unique way of preparing it. Thought it might seem cruel to others, no doubt some people like me feel good inside. Why so? Because I have no passion for animals. I see the as food, dead or alive. I believe in evolution.

    • Johny Says:

      Your an idiot, imagine it happening to you. Imagine the pain it’s going through, go wear your alive gold fish key rings retard

  8. Brian Says:

    And I have no passion for ignorant comments or those who post them. I see them as fools, dead or alive.

  9. i m chef by profession but i never thought to cook fish alive ,its really bad and sad thoes fucking people eating this dish should understand the value of life. these ceepy chines people should eat thier self alive and their kids. Its not a adventure cookign or cuisine.
    i have regret

  10. AsianDude Says:

    Have ever even thought how WE view this? No. This is our culture and to us, its normal. To us, we think some of your cultures are wierd, BUT DO WE COMPLAIN?! Why must you control us?! Why must you dodge whats wrong in my community or not?! Racists douchebags, I hope you all die.

    • Brian Says:

      First, I don’t really care how YOU view this. It’s torture whether you call it cultural or just fun. Secdondly, you complain about other cultures all the time. What are you talking ab out. You are complaining in your post that we are trying to control you. Jesus, we should even all die for it.

      Lastly, you do everything you can to BE LIKE western culture and its getting worse. You try to color your hair, wear western clothes, listen to western music, do western dances, etc, etc, etc. You make yourself extremely easy to control because you hunger for and consume everything western. HOW MANY MACDONALDS AND STARBUCKS ARE IN SINGAPORE? If you don’t want the west to control you, quit allowing yourself to be so easily controlled.

  11. Matt Says:

    stupid americans… they want their fish as fillets… and its just a damn fish anyway… am I required feel empathy for a fish? Too much talking animals in your cartoons that’s why!

  12. Matt Says:

    Americans: More empathy for fish than for Arabs.

  13. Turkey. Says:

    This meal is delicious. I hope you people from the western world can have a chance to experience it. And, also, if you white folks can, please stop eating turkeys. They are extremely intelligent and can experience a lot of pain. Lets treat them as equals but not a dish on the thanksgiving table.

  14. Haters Says:

    My dear americans. I understand us chineses’ wrong doing of torturing this lovely little fish. But, Please understand, we are doing so to resist the urge to invade other less developed countries in the name of peace. I wish I can apologies to those poor people who have lost their homes to you american soldiers since it seems all americans do nowdays is feeling sorry for some fish..

    • The Truth Says:

      since when did you chinese people fight for other country’s liberty may i ask?hypocrite!dont talk about things you and your country havent yet experienced! america may have some faults in the past but you cant deny that they have helped many countries in the world while you chinese bastards are busy seizing islands off of phillipine territory I WISH GENGHIS KHAN,AND KUBLAI KHAN WIPED YOUR WHOLE RACE IN THE PAST

  15. Chimerica Says:

    stupid americans, we will invade you someday.

  16. A Chinese Dude Says:

    I’m chinese, and I still think this is kinda…. creepy. At least show our food sources some honour and respect before eating it……

  17. A Person Says:

    As an American, I am very dissappointed in lot of ignorance I am seeing on this post, and in the way that you adults cannot have adult conversations. My children can debate better than you all, and apparently have thicker skin. Welcome to America, where everyone is right. =)

  18. Kara Says:

    No surprise this has turned into an American vs. Asian culture clash conversation, instead of what it is really about…cruelty to other living things. I found this story though about a similar dish in Taiwan…where they are outraged about it and not wanting to follow China’s examples: http://www.monstersandcritics.com/news/asiapacific/news/article_1327319.php/Taiwan_restaurant_blasted_for_serving_dead-and-alive_fish

    Just because something is part of a “culture” doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be changed. Cultures, like civilization, politics, people, beliefs are evolving constantly and most of the time that is a good thing.

    And for those that are concerned that people worry more about animals than other humans…it stems from the fact that animals are at the mercy of humans, and when we have none to give it is a scary sight.

  19. Kara Says:

    And just to point a finger back at us Americans for a moment, Lobster and Crab are boiled alive all the time. Which may be a slightly shorter death than a half cooked fish, but is cruel non the less. The old tale about their nervous systems not being advanced enough to feel pain doesn’t really seem right when you see a lobster trying to claw its way out of a boiling pot does it? Not to mention there are newer studies and opinions from marine biologists which point to the fact that crustaceans do in fact feel pain, and try to avoid it. Even if you “stab” the head first, Lobster’s (and crab’s) brains are actually not located only in the head, it is just a part of their nervous system, there is more in the rear area which can also transmit pain. Perhaps not quite as barbaric as a dying, half cooked fish, but halfway there I should think.

  20. ben Says:

    That is awesome! I can only imagine that must have been delicious. In the days of people counting food miles this has to be the solution. That fish can’t have come far to still be alive. More live food I say.

  21. damian young Says:

    Yi nar what this is just vile, I’m a tolerant person, I can watch any horror film and not be scared but I actually found the video disturbing fucking shit crack that, anyone who thinks this is good can come to me house and al tie u to a chair and plug u into the mains then cover u in petrol from the waist down and light you, then put you on a massive plate with sweet and sour source on you, then start poking u with a knife in the raw burned skin then see how your feeling πŸ™‚ ps everone who thinks this is cruel your a winnerin my books πŸ˜‰

  22. Sara Says:

    I’m not from america nor from china. Whether it’s tradition or not, it’s cruelty/sadistic behavior. As well as the whole shark finning case. Cutting off the fins, throwing the body back into the ocean (a lot of the times alive).

    Not only is that cruel, it’s also silly. As the fins doesn’t taste like anything at all. They have to boil it for several hours with broths, to make it taste like anything. Yet more than 70 million sharks are wasted every year.

    Due to this, in about 10-20 years it’s estimated that by far the most shark species will be extinct if this continues. Which it does as the request for shark fins grows. It will have huge consequences for the oceans ecosystem, as sharks keeps it in balance.

    Congratulations human species, we really know how to fuck things up. Idc which country you are from. Face the facts, and the overwhelming stupidity.

    To those of you who can’t empathize with animals. What can I say. I really don’t understand it. Animals feel pain. Humans feel pain. If you can’t empathize with animals you shouldn’t be able to empathize with humans either. Pretty hypocritical.

    And yeah just because a group of people enjoy eating a live dish, doesn’t mean the rest of the population does as well.

    K that’s all I had on my mind. I hope some of you who don’t realize the consequences or immorality of this behavior, become cleverer over time

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