Notches in Bush’s Gun – Update

As stated in previous post, those numbers are now obsolete.

At least 115 Iraqi’s were killed yesterday and hundreds wounded because they had the gall to go out shopping in their own market.


At least 9 American service men were also killed because the Bush cartel has positioned them in the middle of the warring factions of Iraq’s bloody, civil war.

Tomorrow will just be more of the same because no one is stopping it. Eight or nine or ten more pairs of parents will get a visit from the army or marines telling them how brave their son was when he was cut down by machine guns or, more likely, blown to bits.

Day after tomorrow will be more of the same because…

Bush said victory in Iraq would require “more patience, more courage and more sacrifice”.
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3 Comments on “Notches in Bush’s Gun – Update”

  1. abi Says:

    Heartbreaking photo.

    I remember a photo I saw a few years ago and wished I had saved. It was of a boy, maybe 8 or 10 years old, being handed a flag after a service for his father, who died in Iraq. The boy was looking up at the person handing him the flag, and his expression was one of anger and incredulity, as if to say, I don’t want this thing. I want my dad.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    I’ve tried to hold back from posting photos that graphically display the true look of death in Iraq although I think it is something that everyone should see and the war hawks should be forced to view. We read about Iraqis and Americans being killed by car bombs everyday, but our press never shows what that really looks like .

    On the other hand, those few who are dumb enough, after all the opposition, to still believe in Bush and his war are certainly not going to swayed by a few grisly pictures.

  3. Capt Fogg Says:

    Bush’s kids party like Paris, our kids have to sacrifice. His buddies get billion dollar no bid contracts and outsource the jobs to India, we have to sacrifice. The peasants and serfs go off to war and they go quail hunting.

    But victory is just around the corner, even if we’ve been saying it for five years and the casualties continue unabated along with the destruction and the death – just keep waiting until we tell you to stop waiting. and then you can get ready for a new front, a new war because you’ll have to sacrifice.

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