Telling the Same Old Lies to the Same Old Audience

Comments on his holiday spewage

bushdog.jpgJust came up with that word, spewage. Has that distasteful sound to it like mucus or smegma. I think its perfect to describe everything that comes out of Bush’s mouth.

On the 4th, he gave a speech at the National Guard in West Virginia. He uses this venue often because he is assured of a friendly crowd. Same crowd, same tired speech filled with the same old crap.

“Withdrawing our troops prematurely based on politics, not on the advice and recommendation of our military commanders, would not be in our national interest.”

We entered Iraq based on politics and all of the actions taken there are based on politics. Bush fires the military commanders who recommend anything that does not agree with his political agenda in Iraq. Bush, it is you who are not in our national interest.

Bush compared U.S. troops fighting the war on terror to “the brave citizen-soldiers of our Continental Army” more than two centuries ago.

“Those who wear the uniform are the successors of those who dropped their pitchforks and picked up their muskets to fight for liberty,” he said. “Like those early patriots, you’re fighting a new and unprecedented war – pledging your lives and honor to defend our freedom and way of life.”

This is a ridiculous comparison of course. The original patriots were struggling for their own freedom in their own new country. General Washington did not send them into another country to defend, indeed to develop someone else’s freedom. Sounds good to a military crowd though I suppose.

“If we were to quit Iraq before the job is done, the terrorists we are fighting would not declare victory and lay down their arms. They would follow us here.”

One thing we know the terrorists would do if we withdrew is they would stop killing American troops. They would not quit fighting their civil war but who cares. But we might lose control of the government and the oil fields and that is the problem.

As far as his totally fucking insane comment, “they would follow us here,” what’s keeping them from coming here right now anyway? Did we round up all the terrorists or al-queda in the world, take a roll call, and make sure they are all in Iraq fighting us?

Hey George, there are terrorists all over the world who hate us now, no thanks to you, and they will come here when they damn well please no matter what you are doing in Iraq, you stupid jerk.

On withdrawal –

“It would hand the enemy a victory and put America’s security at risk — and that’s something we’re not going to do,” Bush added.

Can you think of anyone in recent history who has put Americans at risk more than George Bush? Before, we had terrorist cells. Now, largely as a result of his invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation, we have worldwide terrorist networks. Feel safer now everybody?

“Victory in this struggle will require more patience, more courage, and more sacrifice.”

It will certainly require more convincing lies from you, George, because the ones you keep repeating are getting old. We already know they are lies and we have no more patience.

As far as sacrifice, you’re fine as long as it is others who are sacrificing. Can I see the roster of those in your administration who have sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands or wives sacrificing in Iraq, please? Damn short list I imagine. Like Cheney during Vietnam, I’m sure they have other priorities.

“It’s a tough fight, but I wouldn’t have asked those troops to go into harm’s way if the fight was not essential to the security of the United States of America,” stated the president.

Liar. This fight is an Iraqi struggle and has nothing to do with the United States. What is essential is protecting the potential mega profits of American businesses who are already deeply invested and entrenched in that country. I wish that just once you would show a little courage yourself and tell the truth about that. We’re Americans, we can take it.

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One Comment on “Telling the Same Old Lies to the Same Old Audience”

  1. Blah blah…
    Seriously, who really believes this load of shit anyway? I think deep down inside the brownshirts absolutely know it’s garbage but they think they have to play along with it to be ‘patriotic’ and go on pretending.

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