Bush Listens only to God

The subject of the day is Glenn Greenwald’s new book, A Tragic Legacy. Crooks and Liars has the best post on it that I have seen this morning and it is disturbing. Close, neocon associates have convinced Bush that he is only responsible to answer to a Higher Power, not the American people when it comes to ridding the world of “evil” and supporting their extreme right agenda.

To do this, they have convinced the President that he has tapped into a much higher authority than the American people — namely, God-mandated, objective morality — and as long as he adheres to that (which is achieved by continuing his militaristic policies in the Middle East, whereby he is fighting Evil and defending Good), God and history will vindicate him.

And Bush confirms the priority saying,

“I want to have my conscience clear with Him. Then it doesn’t matter so much what others think.”

This is one dangerous man to be president, even for just another few months. If he truly believes that he is doing God’s work and only has to answer to God’s law, then we are in imminent danger of being led into a world war. He should be stopped.

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2 Comments on “Bush Listens only to God”

  1. CovenantBride Says:

    its always amazing to me when ppl say God said to do thus and such and what he supposedly says is completely against Himself (God)…

    in this respect, i see no difference between bush, or son of sam or any murderer who says God told him to kill…

    although much war and evil has been perpetrated by ppl claiming to belong to Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ never preached war, hate or evil…so their testimony is a complete lie…

    on the other hand…Jesus did say that satan is the god of this world…so to say that bush hears from god, well…its best to know what god he is hearin from…truly he is hearing from the god of this world…satan was a murderer from the first and a liar and there is no truth in him…

    whoever murders and says that God told em to do it…is really speakin of the god of this world…satan…and not Jesus Christ, the God of life…be bless… -g-

  2. Capt Fogg Says:

    Ah – that would be “blessed” no matter how they mumble it down South.

    Satan as the God of the world is a gnostic idea, not a Christian one. Gnostic Christians were heavily persecuted by the version of Christianity that was the ancestor of all today’s versions and all but wiped out and their gospels burned. There was a resurgence of it in medieval Europe but it was brutally wiped out by Crusaders in that 13th century genocide – the Albigensian Crusade. Believing that there are gods before Yahweh is a first Commandment problem, you see, so that idea didn’t come from Judaism or Jesus, but from pagans.

    Somehow Zoroastrianism, Zurvanism with a touch of Mitraism and the Attis cult have soaked back into American Vernacular religion along with guardian angels and grilled cheese sandwiches with the Virgin Mary on them. I think Jesus has long since left the building. He did, I think, indicate an intention to come back within a few years, sword in hand, to take a whack at the Romans, but they left the building long before Elvis and of course, Jesus is still in an undisclosed location.

    But a guy who hears voices is a guy who hears voices and the only difference between the guy who hears voices from God and the guy who hears voices from a dog is that the former has a huge support group. God is just dog spelled backwards anyway. But I do agree with you, if God is telling you to kill people, ask to see his ID.

    Bush wasn’t elected to be a preacher, a pundit or a priest. He’s supposed to be a secular administrator, not an Ayatollah. He knows that and I don’t think he talks to God any more than he talks to Elvis. He’s just a crook who likes to use your beliefs against you.

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