Generally Useless Facts

It’s a slow day so I’ve been surfing. I just found this fun site that lists Generally Useless Facts in several categories. There are hundreds of these but here is a few that caught my eye.


*In 1914 (the first year of the income tax), the top tax rate was 1%. By 1919 it had been raised to 77%.

*The American yew tree is used as shrubbery around most Federal buildings in Washington, D.C. Its scientific name is Taxus taxus.

*According to the Census Bureau, there are now more elected public officials in the United States than bank tellers.

*Between 1980 and 1989, the population of the United States rose 9 percent, but the number of employees of state governments rose by 19%.

*Parts of Florida are farther west than parts of Wisconsin.

*In 1995, Mississippi finally ratified the 13th Amendment outlawing slavery. (hey! better late than never, y’all)

*Idaho is the only state in the Union never to have a belonged to a foreign power.


*Kotex was first manufactured as bandages, during WWI.

*Benjamin Franklin invented swim fins and rocking chairs.

*Scissors were invented by Leonardo DaVinci.

*The first pull-top can was invented by Ermal Cleon Fraze in 1959, after he had to use his car bumper to open a can of soda.

Only In America (my title)

*Several visitors to the Memphis Zoo in the 1990’s demanded to have their admission fees refunded when they discovered that a special exhibit on dinosaurs did not include live dinosaurs.

*In October, 1992, a Los Angeles physician admitted to stealing $8 million by filing false insurance claims. The doctor later received state disability payments because of the stress of getting caught. (well of course he did!)

*In 1977, U.S. automobile manufacturers recalled more cars than they produced – 10.4 million recalls and 9.3 million cars produced.

*In Iowa, a man was required to turn in his personalized license plate which read 3MTA3. The state claimed that, when viewed through a mirror, the plate read “EATME.”

*Washington, D.C. police ticketed the same illegally parked car three times in a 15-hour period. Only after a passerby called them to investigate the vehicle did they notice that the car’s engine was running and there was a corpse with a bullet in its head in the back seat.

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