The Bush Legacy


monty_python_2__limbless_black_knight.jpgHe is beginning to look more and more like the black knight of Holy Grail fame. As the knight lost his limbs one by one, so has Bush lost his power one gross mistake after another. He has spent all of his precious political capital and through the total mismanagement of his presidency he has lost the remotest chance at even a hint of legitimacy. His crimes and lies and those of his cronies have been exposed. His attempt to be perceived as a strong war president has backfired in his face. His disgraceful behavior caused his party to lose both the Senate and the House. He is responsible for thousands of lost lives with nothing to show for it.

He is a man alone, impotent and beaten.

While many of us would love to see him impeached I for one will be satisfied knowing that he will live out his post president days knowing that he was worse than mediocre. He was a failure. He will never admit it but he will know it. We will know it. The whole world will know it. That is his legacy.

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