A Word or Two on Coulter

I have never posted on her before. I’m just a nobody but even my time is more important than to spend much of it on Coulter. She’s just not significant enough.

You don’t have to be smart or clever to be a racist or a homophobe or to behave like a spoiled brat. Fact is, all those traits expose ones ignorance and insecurity. So it is with Coulter. Smart people know that and can recognize it in her.

According to this article in The Salem News,

…FOX News is willing to exploit her good figure and she has long blonde hair. Sorry, but Coulter is the epitome of people in TV news that only exist because of their appearance.”

I disagree with this completely. If Fox news wanted her just because of her appearance they could have done sooo much better. I’m a guy and as far as I can see she is just one more aging ex-pretty girl trying desperately to cling to the firm ground of youth as she sinks into the inevitable quicksand of middle age. She looks a little comical if you ask me.

No, Fox uses her specifically because she is a racist homophobe. Those traits are appealing to the more ignorant, less sophisticated and largely Republican TV audience that Fox panders to. Plus, as she has stated, she is willing to say anything for a few dollars.

I see Coulter as just one more unseemly example of a society in moral decay. As Americans we love the glitz and the glamour, the shock and the awe, but we have little interest in reality and substance.

You have to wonder how the rest of the world views this phenomenon. They must wonder how the worlds most powerful country, one that constantly spouts it’s moral superiority, could give someone as ignorant and nasty as Coulter a platform on national TV. The article continues,

As a society, it seems like we no longer aspire to be chivalrous. Instead we go for the most outrageous, the most shocking, the most revealing, and the least-clothed. And networks give time to a media whore who taunts people over the death of their child, calls the widows of 9/11 firemen in New York “Greedy Witches”, and states on national television that she hopes a leading politician will die in a terrorist attack.”

I’m reminded of a movie scene, it may have been in Chinatown, where an aging whore is rubbing the crotch of an impotent Jack Nicholson, trying to bring some vitality into his tired appendage.

So it is with Coulter. When all is said and done she is just an aging, infected whore working with what little she has, trying to restore some vitality in an impotent Fox News. But alas, she fails even at this as all Fox can produce is a few spasms of glitz but no firmness of substance.

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One Comment on “A Word or Two on Coulter”

  1. The gabfests have Arthur Coltrane on hoping that he/she willl say something ugly so that they’ll get a few more viewers. You know, we’ll always have say-anything-for-a-buck cretins that will pull political discourse down but the only way they can accomplish that is if they’re given a stage to do it. Those gabfests should be ashamed, but of course they have no principles.

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