Finally, common sense from a Repub

Sen. Richard Lugar has come out and denounced the war, finally. He is a well respected, senior statesman and it’s going to be hard for Bush, try as he might, to discredit him. Will other Repubs fall into place like dominoes? I think we’ll see first a trickle and then a flood. But don’t be surprised when Bush tries to make it sound like his idea if and when any troop reductions begin. He will try to take credit for de-escalation when it happens and his new legacy will become one of ending the war.

One example of the domino effect was this tidbit by Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina. “I think September is absolutely the endpoint of decision, whether individuals will come to a conclusion before that, I think is likely.”

Sound like jumping on the bandwagon? But my favorite line was his next.

“What you’re beginning to see is a natural process of people evaluating the events on the ground in Iraq.”

You telling me that these people are just starting to evaluate the events on the ground in Iraq? WTF have they been doing for the last 4 years?

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