The Secession of Dick Cheney

Kevin at American Street has a new take on the Cheney position that he in not part of the executive branch.

“I’ve argued that Cheney’s claim that his office is not within the executive branch indicates he’s operating within his own creation of a fourth, invisible branch, that has not been codified or even suspected by any Constitutional founder or modifier. I’ll flesh out further how that represents Cheney’s voluntary resignation. What Cheney has done – without the legislative power to do so – is effectively created his own government, one that undermines the legal one.”

Kevin says that by stating he does not have to conform to legal oversight because he’s not a part of the Executive Branch, Cheney is proclaiming that he’s outside of the government. Historically, this has been called secession.

Therefore, and here’s the money shot –

“Congress should simply state that Cheney’s argument effectively represents his resignation from the lawful government. The impeachment question, therefore, is made moot.

Cheney does not have to sign a resignation letter. His Proclamation that he is operating outside of the executive branch, a position not supported by any legal entity, represents his resignation from the legal government of our country. No further action is necessary other than accepting this resignation.

Congress can then notify the President he needs to nominate another, and that, until he does, the presidential succession will pass directly from Bush to Pelosi, should Bush be incapacitated.”

The whole article is worth the read. None of this will happen of course because the spineless congress has proven time and again that they are scared to death of Bush and Cheney and are not going to do anything to rock their illegal, fascist little boat.

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One Comment on “The Secession of Dick Cheney”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    Cheney has been operating as a shadow government all along.

    Claiming executive privilege and claiming to be outside the executive branch is just another way of saying to all of us what he said to Sen Patrick Leahy.

    The man has broken so many laws he should be dragged out of the office we’re forced to provide him in handcuffs.

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