Supporting the Troops – Bush Style

image2956092g.jpgI was going to post on the Alex Jiminez story but Capt. Fogg over at Human Voices stole my thunder. In case you don’t know, Alex Jiminez is one of the missing troops in Iraq. He is a brave and patriotic G.I. You can imagine what his young wife is going through as she waits for word about her husband.

Our government understands. Our government supports the troops. That’s why they are planning to deport her. The Captain’s post sums it up nicely so go over and read it. Here’s the money shot:

So thanks Alex for your service. We’re sorry you may have died under horrible circumstances and because of incompetent leaders, but we’re not sorry enough that we’ll treat your widow like a human being, even though we love to get all gooey about the sanctity of marriage – what with her Hispanic origin and all. We will be happy to support some nice blond white troops, but not your sort, so get the hell out of here, we’ve got to get ready for the 4th of July celebrations where we bow down to our own graven image and chastise Liberals for not supporting the troops.
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