The Plight of an Old Ally: Hmong

hmong.jpgDuring the Vietnam war the US had as an ally a mountain tribal people known as the Hmong. They were recruited by the CIA and played a crucial role not only in fighting the communists but in protecting US servicemen in the secret war in Laos. An excellent history of this, including drawings of the genocide perpetrated upon the Hmong by the Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese can be found here. (scroll down for the the drawings)

“By 1965 the CIA had created a Hmong army of thirty thousand men that guarded radar installations vital to bombing North Vietnam, rescued downed American pilots, and battled Pathet Lao guerrillas. During the 1960`s the Hmong took the brunt of the casualties in fighting directed by the westerners. 20% of the Hmong vanished on the early marches from the north down to the Sam Thong-Long Chen area.”

Though the Hmong had been guaranteed protection, at the end of the war they were abandoned by the US. Since then these people have been hunted down and killed by the Pathet Lao and the Vietnamese communists because of their loyalty to the US. Those who are caught are tortured, mutilated, raped and disemboweled.

Those lucky enough to have survived (so far) have done so by hiding in the jungles of Laos or fleeing to refuge camps in Thailand.

They see one man, General Vang Pao, as their only hope for salvation. General Pao lives in the US. He has over the years tried every peaceful means of helping his people. He has contacted the UN, the US government and the government of Laos, all with no response. He was just arrested for plotting a military overthrow of the communist government in Laos. That story is here.

In 2004 the BBC did a documentary on the plight of these former US allies entitled “Hunted Like Animals.” You can find the entire program here in YouTube or by doing a Youtube search for Hmong or the title.

One of the first scenes from the heart wrenching documentary was of an emaciated woman who falls to her knees, hands clasped together in prayer. Rather than plead for food or any other sustenance, she cries out, “Vang Pao. Mighty Vang Pao, we are waiting for you to save us.”

Below is just one segment of that feature. Please take the time to view more of them. They are not an easy watch.

There are many excellent videos on Youtube covering this real life horror story. The US sends foreign aid all over the world, even to countries that are not historically our allies. I think it is time to help these people who gave their all to help us.

PS. If any of you vets out there have experience with the Hmong, I would love to hear your comments.

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One Comment on “The Plight of an Old Ally: Hmong”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    I read Fareed Zacharia today about the prevalent opinion in the Pakistan military that the US had abandoned them after the Soviets were pushed out of Afghanistan. Of course we abandoned Afghanistan too. As you know, it’s an all too familiar story. We love ’em and we leave ’em.

    We did bring many Hmong to the US and it seems many of them are having problems adjusting, but I wasn’t aware of their situation back home. Thanks for pointing it out.

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