Allowing Gays to Serve Proudly


H/t to Think Progress for showing this video. I was especially impressed with the list of countries at the end who allow gays to serve along side everyone else.

I’ve long believed that those who speak out the loudest against gays are those who are the most insecure in their own sexuality. The military to many is the epitome of “manliness” and bravado and these folks just can’t stand the thought of someone who is gay being able to compete with them in that environment.

I just want to make a couple of points before you watch the video. First, as straight men, many of us have indeed had homosexual experiences in our lives. This is often as kids during our first sexual explorations but can even be later. Instead of just chalking it up to a learning experience and moving on, I think many guys are later horrified to think they actually did it and end up lashing out against those who are openly gay. To them I say, get over it! Having that experience doesn’t make you gay, it makes you normal.

Secondly, I knew a few gay men when I was in the army. Like most of us then, they had been in Vietnam. At least one of them was heavily decorated. These were all exceptional soldiers and I would never have had a problem with them covering my back. I also knew many straights that were absolutely useless. Among fellow soldiers in a war environment it is dependability under pressure that is vital, not sexual orientation. Having this restriction, especially when our forces are spread so thin, is absurd and archaic.

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