In Iraq for the Long Haul

So many committed people, inside and outside of blogland, have worked very hard for withdrawal of forces from Iraq. Democratic candidates for congress who ran on anti-war platforms were voted into office by these same people and thousands of others so they, as our representatives (that’s a fucking laugh) could force the White House to end this occupation. An overwhelming majority of Americans favor withdrawing our troops. General officers have even retired just so they can speak out against the war and Bush’s failed policy.

Well gang, don’t hold your breath. The fact is, it really doesn’t matter what you or the majority of Americans want. Speaking out? They don’t listen. Reporting about it? They don’t read. Writing letters to your congressmen and women? If you didn’t include money-forget it. In this case, even another Kent State is not going to make any difference. Bush is going to do just what the greedy, war profiteering industrialists want him to do. And that is to keep our soldiers in this bloody civil war no matter how many die or how loudly we scream.

Petraeus is setting the stage now. From the Herald Tribune:

Stabilizing Iraq could take as long as a decade, the U.S. commander in Baghdad said.
“In fact, typically, I think historically, counterinsurgency operations have gone at least nine or 10 years,” Gen. David Petraeus said Sunday. “The question is, of course, at what level.”

So now they are saying that we are going to stay in Iraq, probably for a decade because history shows that it takes that long to win against insurgents. I would like to know specifically what war and what history he is talking about.

And what insurgents. Seems to me that the tens of thousands of civilians that have been killed and wounded and the factions that are fighting each other in this civil war are Iraqi’s. You know, like the people who live there.

There is a very simple dynamic at work here. WE invaded THEIR country. WE have drawn the terrorists into THEIR cities. WE are responsible for THEIR civilian casualties. WE have decimated THEIR infrastructure. THEY are not going to give up and let US change THEIR culture. It is THEIR country and THEIR culture and THEIR religion and they most certainly are not going to let America or any other western country prance in and change it to OUR style of  fucking DEMOCRACY just because WE say it is good for them. Even if WE try to kill every last one of THEM in our efforts to do so. In other words, they will never give up. It is their country and they will fight for it forever. Like we would for ours.

But since we are America, and therefore we must be better than them and we must be right and our way must be the best way, we are gonna keep on trying anyway. And all those congress people aren’t gonna do one meaningful, useful thing to stop it.

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2 Comments on “In Iraq for the Long Haul”

  1. praguetwin Says:

    I studied resistance and rebellion in school. Insurgencies are by and large long, protracted low level conflicts.

    If you can get an insurgency the size of the one in Iraq under control in a decade or less, you are doing well.

    At least by historical standards.

    Not to beat a moot point, but that was my reasoning when I opposed the invasion. I saw insurgency in the future and argued that anything less than a 10 year engagement was naive.

    What really gets my goat is that these guys know this better than I do and they talk about 3 month surges and “….I doubt six months.”

    Criminals. Nothing less.

  2. Capt Fogg Says:

    You have to ask yourself how long we would continue to resist a Muslim army that had wiped us out militarily, destroyed our power plants, roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, national monuments, police force and government and all in the name of bringing us the justice of Sharia and the freedom of Islam.

    What if they huilt a ten acre fortified “embassy” in Washington and military bases all over the country?

    Would we fight them on beaches, landing grounds, in fields, in streets and on the hills? Would we go on to the end and never surrender? I’d like to think so, and no matter how much we had disliked our own government beforehand. Would we accept help from Mexico and Canada? I know I would and I think we all would.

    If we think Iraqis are any less brave or patriotic; if we think they are lesser men than we, we are the stupidest people on Earth.

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