Legendary Rockers

elton_john_narrowweb__300x4330.jpgSir Elton John is planning a free concert in Kiev, Ukraine to raise awareness of HIV/Aids. While homosexuality is legal there, gays are openly discriminated against in this largely Orthodox state. (story here)

Religion is responsible for a lot of the hatred people feel towards people like me,” says Petro Polyantsev, an HIV-positive gay rights activist. “We live with stigma, discrimination and homophobia. We constantly fear that we may be attacked just for being gay.”

The concert is part of a $5 million series of projects sponsored by Elton John’s Aids Foundation in the Ukraine. However, ignorant, homophobic religious fanatics are trying to boycott it.

“We believe that gay people are responsible for spreading Aids,” says Svyatoslav Domalevsky from The Union of Orthodox Citizens of Ukraine. “Elton John is gay and we don’t want him promoting that kind of lifestyle here.”

An estimated 400,000 people are HIV-positive in the Ukraine and the number will reach 1 in every 50 in the near future. It is believed that gay men make up only a small percentage of that figure.cocker.jpg

In other news BBC has a nice tribute up on another rock legend, Joe Cocker. He has always been one of my favorites and its great to see him still entertaining and touring 40 years after his unforgettable performance at Woodstock.

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