Candidates lie because they CAN

used_car_salesman.jpgYup, that’s right. As far as the FCC is concerned, it’s ok for the candidates for the most important job in the world to lie to you on TV but if a product sponsor exaggerates a little they’ll wind up in court.

“Laws protecting consumers from false advertising of products are enforced pretty vigorously. But there’s no such truth-in-advertising law governing federal candidates. They can legally lie about almost anything they want. In fact, the Federal Communications Act even requires broadcasters who run candidate ads to show them uncensored, even if the broadcasters believe their content to be offensive or false.”

That quote is from which is in the business of revealing the difference between what the candidates say and what the truth is. It’s fascinating stuff so check it out.

Another good site I Stumbled Upon is This is a good one-stop for voting records and positions of all the major political players. It also has an easy to navigate locater/contact function and other juicy stuff.

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