Trade in Tiger Parts and Elephant Ivory to Resume

Might as well get ready to say goodbye forever to these two majestic animals.

tigers2.jpgAfter a 14 year ban on tiger parts China is poised to once again open domestic markets to these products. Tiger parts are used in traditional Chinese medicines and aphrodisiacs. According to this article in the BBC, participants at the this years Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) gave assurances that wild tigers would still be protected. The traded products would only come from farm bred tigers.

Valmik Thapar who has studied Indian tigers for 30 years said,

“To me it is disgusting. It’s not civil to have tiger farms. If there wasn’t a ban on the tiger trade, I assure you there wouldn’t be one single tiger left in India today.”

At the same time, participants at CITES are negotiating the restart of legal trading in elephant ivory after a 13 year hiatus. Many African countries support the trade while Kenya and Mali calledivory2.jpg for a 20 year extended moratorium. Historically, much of the ivory from Africa goes to Japan.

Animal welfare groups unanimously agree that restarting a legal trade in these animal parts will invite a significant and vigorous increase in poaching to help meet meet demands. And poaching in the vast plains of Africa and India is nearly impossible to regulate.

Am I in the twilight zone here? A CONVENTION ON TRADE IN ENDANGERED SPECIES? If they are endangered, why even talk about trading in their body parts?

I could be wrong here – please somebody tell me if I am – but I find it very hard to believe that the Japanese can’t live without ivory trinkets and that Chinese men need ground up tiger bone to give them a hardon.

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2 Comments on “Trade in Tiger Parts and Elephant Ivory to Resume”

  1. Kathy Says:

    This is unrelated to this post, but I love the picture across the top of your blog. Is that Singapore?

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