Bye Tony, Gonna Miss Ya…Bada Bing!

I’ve mentioned before that I get choked up when I see someone who achieves excellence. It can be in sports, performing arts, even educational achievement. It’s knowing how much discipline and just plane hard work goes into being at the top of your game. The Sopranos is the top of the game in TV performance.

I watch very little TV. It’s mostly crap. I don’t have cable either but have been able to watch every episode of this great show on my PC (thank you emule). The Sopranos ends this week. I’m gonna really miss it.

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3 Comments on “Bye Tony, Gonna Miss Ya…Bada Bing!”

  1. Capt Fogg Says:

    Now that it’s gone I’ll have to go back to watching a much less entertaining crime saga – the US government.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    It’s hard to find something good, I agree. I am enjoying a series called The Shield now.

  3. doug ball Says:

    they always take the good stuff off i enjoyed the muders the tortue the pain they inflict O I get goose bumps all over o yea one more thing lets here for the rapes.P.S love & kisses

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