I Stumbled Upon Stumble Upon!

And I love it. This software selects blogs and websites for you in the categories of interest you choose. Once registered, others can stumble upon your site as well. It works with Firefox only. I’ve been surfing through them for a couple of days now. Here is some of the cool stuff I have found. (I don’t certify that any of the info on these sites is true)

The flyingsnail lists 600 concentration camps already set up in the US for use if the administration decides to declare martial law.
Here is a brief but interesting history
of lies that led to wars.
A very comprehensive list of congress people’s phone #’s and email addresses. Good bookmark item.
Religionfacts.com has a list of the 36 most popular religions including comparisons and histories.
A list of 14 aspects of fascism that are frighteningly familiar and timely.
An excellent collection of liberal quotes. I will be posting one each day from now on over there ——–>
One of the very good human evolution sites. Here you can download a great slide show done at a dig in Ethiopia that includes how the scientists determine age, etc. A good educational tool on where we really came from.

StumbleUpon allows you to choose general or specific categories to view. It shows websites and blogs and then lets you choose to save the site as a favorite or throw it out.

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