Bush Gets a Scolding

He looks like a little boy on his way to the woodshed. And what is with the headress on Laura? Does the church require women to cover their heads still, as if in shame?

Highly unpopular in Italy and across Europe, the president made a point about U.S. efforts to fight disease and poverty in Africa. Bush recalled that he had asked Congress to double the commitment for fighting AIDS in Africa, from $15 billion to $30 billion.

Ahhh, so this is why he did that! Not because he gives a shit about the African AIDS epidemic but so he could say something positive about his failed administration to the pope.

Tens of thousands of anti-globalization and far-left activists marched peacefully through the capital’s ancient center to protest Bush’s visit. Thousands of police were deployed round the Colosseum, the downtown Piazza Venezia and other sites.

And you just have to love the spin response to this.

White House aides shrugged off the protests, calling them democracy in action.

They have a lot of guts preaching about democracy. These fascists wouldn’t know democracy if it bit them in the ass.

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