Playing the Fear Card

Bush dismantles the democracy while the masses whimper in fear…

Libby has this excellent post up on defeating terrorism. It is partly her own typical wisdom and partly a Newsweek quote. Here’s the juicy stuff.

(Newsweek) We will never be able to prevent a small group of misfits from planning some terrible act of terror. No matter how far-seeing and competent our intelligence and law-enforcement officials, people will always be able to slip through the cracks in a large, open and diverse country. The real test of American leadership is not whether we can make 100 percent sure we prevent the attack, but rather how we respond to it… If one day bombs do go off, we must ensure that they cause as little disruption—economic, social, political—as possible. This would deprive the terrorist of his main objective. If we are not terrorized, then in a crucial sense we have defeated terrorism.

(Libby) Terrorists can’t really take over our country. They’re outnumbered and out gunned. Their only advantage is psychological. To win, they only have to scare us into defeating ourselves and so far they’ve succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Fear of terrorists has allowed the Bush administration to destroy our freedoms with barely a whisper of protest coming from the average American… Bush has been allowed to dismantle our civil rights. Public dissent has been criminalized. He illegally spys on us. He can snatch any one of us off the street and hold us indefinitely without due process. He transformed the office of the presidency into a virtual dictatorship…(the terrorists) don’t have to invade us to take away our freedoms. We’ve already handed them over willingly and in doing so have lost the respect of the international community and with it our prestige as a world power.

Fear is a common tool used by governments to control their peoples. Think about Hitler’s Germany, Amin’s Uganda, Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China.

Bush is using it very effectively to keep the American people preoccupied with fear of “terrorists” while he dismantles our democracy one freedom at a time. In fact, he is doing it so well that, even though his lies and deceit have been repeatedly exposed, even though the experts agree that his war is creating more terrorists-not reducing them, we are still willing to let our young men be slaughtered every day in a war we don’t even support. All this because he has convinced us that the terrorist hordes will be invading our country if we don’t accept his agenda.
Jesus Christ America, what’s it gonna take for you to put an end to this and start sparing the lives of our remaining troops? They are dying every day for you and you are letting them down.

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