On Becoming the Bad Guys

Has America become the kind of country that once appalled and disgusted us? Have we taken off the white hat and become the bad guys? Chris Floyd offers us this analysis.

“One of the chief molders of the political mindset of ordinary people during the Cold War was the firm, fundamental belief that “we are not like them” — that what sets us apart, what gives us the high moral ground in the conflict is that we do not do the sinister things that the Soviets do. We don’t have gulags like they do. We don’t have concentration camps and secret prisons. We don’t jail people without charges. We don’t torture people like they do. We don’t have secret agents snatching people off the streets and throwing them into dungeons, like the KGB does. Our mail is not opened. Our private organizations are not infiltrated. Our homes cannot be raided without a warrant. Our leaders don’t exalt themselves beyond the law, like the Communist tyrants.”

Now its us doing all those things and we act like it’s ok. Chris continues,

However, considering the massive indifference with which most Americans have greeted the barbaric mores of our new Terror War era — the systematic practice of torture, rendition, indefinite detention, assassination, concentration camps, secret prisons, executive dictatorship and multiple slaughter of the innocent — it could be that the fading of some of those old Cold War assumptions might indeed play a significant part in the public acceptance — and in many cases, enthusiastic championing — of these degradations.”

And I understand the excuses. I used them too in the beginning. We were attacked. The gloves come off. We have a right to fight back. But it’s going to be very hard to sell our style of democracy to the world when they see how readily we are willing to forget about the human decency, the basic freedoms and the human rights that the democracy is supposed to uphold. On top of that, we are doubly dangerous because we are willing to invade your country whether you attacked us or not.

Iraq did not attack us! When are we going to get that through our thick skulls! It’s like

Billy hits us in the arm – Billy knows Bobby – so we smash Bobby in the face, over and over, then we beat up Bobby’s mother and father, brothers and sisters and grandma. We try to convince everyone else that this is perfectly ok because even though Bobby and his family didn’t do anything to us, he is a bad guy just like Billy.

All this time Billy is sitting comfortably at home chuckling about what jerks we are. And Billy is right.

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2 Comments on “On Becoming the Bad Guys”

  1. Rodney Massman Says:

    Your leaving out a very small part of the story about Billy. Y’see billy is paying Bobby to blow up people that are our friends.
    Come to find out, Billy actually may have, and has actually said he has nasty chemical weapons that could be used in our back yard any time he can find another one of Bobby’s friends to do it for him.

    Sorry, Billy’s not laughing anymore. His own people hung him by the neck. Want to talk morality and democracy and how we are the people of love? Or are we the bad guys? Yea we go around slicing peoples heads off while the entire time saying glory to Allah. Ever seen the video of someone screaming for their life while having their head cut off with a sword being used as a saw? Watch that and tell me were the bad guy.
    I would do anything I could to bring those 3,000 innocents back that died heinous deaths, while others died heroes September 11, 2001. But I can’t. The nearest thing I can do is bring justice to those that did it.
    Yes, it’s called justice. And I for one am more alert to what goes on around me, and by whom. Call me a racial profiler.
    Being in a state of denial never suited me well.
    And don’t kid yourself about us having a higher ground. We Americans fight to survive.
    Bring back the Soviet Union, invade the United States and I will show you just how morally high grounded we really are when it comes to fighting a war. War is hell.

  2. expatbrian Says:

    And your personal experience is?

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