Protesting in Uniform

I would laugh at this story if it wasn’t so serious. Three ex-marines are facing a change in the status of their discharges from Honorable to Other than Honorable for wearing their uniforms during a protest against the war. The protesting was ok, it was the uniform that got them in trouble. Adam Kokesh, one of the marines, also has a count against him for making a disrespectful statement in an email response to the charges. He told the investigator to “go fuck yourself.”

First of all, if he is no longer a marine, how can the military charge him with making a disrespectful statement?

Secondly, does this mean that all of those thousands upon thousands of veterans who wear their old uniforms in Veterans Day parades are in trouble too? Should they all turn themselves in to the local recruitment station so their discharges can also be downgraded?

This is a free speech and freedom to assemble issue plain and simple. I hope the ACLU gets involved and these guys get loads of support.

And BTW, Pentagon, go fuck yourselves. And Bush, blow me.

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One Comment on “Protesting in Uniform”

  1. praguetwin Says:

    The end of this post made me laugh out loud.

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