Mujahideen Response to US War Funding

Here is a quote from The Islamic State of Iraq as posted on the Jihad Unspun blog.

“The pharaoh of this age, Bush, said himself that the coming days in the Land of the Two Rivers will be critical but we say, Allah willing, it will be even harder days than in the past for the enemies. Do not delight in the financing you received for your soldiers, for by Allah, it will not make any difference … and will not patch up your failures. What you promised in sending the last “surge” has been all nonsense and what occurred on the battlefield was witnessed by all. We say to you what Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, may Allah protect him, has told you before, “send all your soldiers to Iraq, for the Lions of Iraq are hungry.”

Emphasis is mine.  Entire article is here.

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