Happy Birthday, Sarge!


Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band turns 40 today. The Guardian has a nice tribute to The Beatles contribution to music and its historical significance. For anyone around my age (58) we don’t need to be told, we’ve known all along.

The author gives this example of the band’s popularity:

“How many people can hum even two bars of Beethoven’s Fourth, or Mozart’s 30th? I recently played one minute of these to an audience of 700 people – professional musicians included – but not one recognized these pieces. Then I played a half-second of two Beatles songs – a fraction of the first “aah” of Eleanor Rigby and the guitar chord that opens A Hard Day’s Night – and virtually everyone shouted out the song names, more than could recognize the Mona Lisa.”

No matter what anyone else says, “we” know exactly what this song was all about.

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