Ban Those Ungodly Harry Potter Books!

potter.jpgAtlanta mother and dingbat Laura Mallory was turned down by a state judge in her quest to have the Harry Potter books banned in school libraries. She contends that the books promote witchcraft and other unholiness.

In order to justify her request, dingbat Mallory told the court that, because witchcraft is considered by some to be a religion, reading the books in school violates the separation of church and state clause. Then in the next breath she says,

“I have a dream that God will be welcomed back in our schools again. I think we need him.”

Witches violate the clause but God doesn’t. Uh-huh.

More than anything else in recent memory, the Harry Potter books have stimulated our children’s imaginations and led to an enormous increase in their interest in reading. Kids and parents line up for hours to get each new release.

If you want God in your kids school, Laura, then put them in a private religious school. For me, my wholehearted thanks to JK Rowlings. I wish she would keep those books coming.


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One Comment on “Ban Those Ungodly Harry Potter Books!”

  1. startswithk Says:

    Ridiculousness: THIS DINGBAT DID NOT READ EVEN ONE OF THE BOOKS ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Because, according to her, she doesn’t need to read them to know they’re evil. That’s like saying you don’t need to eat food to taste it.

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