Bush Loves Black People

The Bush Administration is suddenly imposing economic sanctions against Sudan. Of course the slaughter of 200,000 innocent civilians and the forced homelessness of over 2 million started 4 years ago.

Again, suddenly, Bush announces that he wants to increase US funding for the Aids epidemic in Africa by 15 billion.

These are both obvious ploys so that he and his cartel can show they did something worthwhile during this otherwise dismally failing second term.

This guy really cracks me up! Are we to believe, with his anti-black, anti-poor, anti-proper aids education record that he actually gives a shit about black Africans dying from aids and the genocide in Darfur? I for one am not buying his sudden compassion. He is willing to do just enough to make it look as if he’s a good guy but not enough to really do any good or make any lasting impact.

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2 Comments on “Bush Loves Black People”

  1. Pat Murphy Says:

    expatbrian, Of course he doesn’t give a shit. But what makes that so unusual? For the most part, elitists haven’t given a shit about anyone but their own for most of recorded history. Anyone that tries to tell me that an elected person from the last 150 years cares about the citizenry is naive as hell. For all the speeches about freedom and Democracy they feed us, they are only saying what we want to hear. Their agenda is not ours.

    I will say again, as I have many times before, we have a flawed system. Get used to it.

  2. Pat Murphy Says:

    Oh yes, thanks for the visit to Cyclones site. Nice to hear from you and from now on I will direct comments to a specific post.

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